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Career Cruising a is a computer program designed to help students identify career options that are of interest to them.  Students first do a personal interest inventory in which they then narrow down to one or two careers that they would like to focus on and explore.  Career Cruising allows students to make a portfolio, called their My Plan.  Students explore and discover what it takes to reach their career goal i.e. education, internship, location, annual earnings, etc.  Career Cruising helps students build a plan that connects their schoolwork to real life and to their futures.  Data shows it positively impacts academic achievement, transitions, career and life success and allows students an opportunity for exploration and life goal setting.  

The Middle School portion, grades 6-8, also includes Real Game, a financial literacy component.  Real Game informs and allows students to experience and understand the connection between lifestyle choice and cost vs income.  It explores the impact of withholdings and expenses and how they may or may not correlate with the desired life-style.  

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The objective of Career Cruising is for students to set goals for their future and understand the path that it takes to achieve such goals.  When students are able to clearly understand and connect this path to their future they will be more likely to attend college or other vocational education beyond high school.  

The current percentage of NTS students that would be first generation college students is 29%, we would love to reduce that number significantly for the next generation.  

The three components to a comprehensive counseling program are academic, social/emotional and career.  NTS counseling program is lacking in career.  Career Cruising would fill the gap in the NTS counseling program, benefitting all students and families.

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Students who participate in career education and activities are more likely to pursue college or vocational education beyond high school.

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5th grade implementation would take place in the computer lab for approximately 1-2 weeks, 30 minutes per session.  5th grade will complete the personal interest inventory and identify 2-3 careers that are of interest to them and would then build on that in future grades.

6-8 would use their chromebooks for a 2-3 week session in their Advisory class, 30 minutes each time.   Approximately, 2-5 hours per student, depending on grade.  Each grade level could possibly build on the work done the previous year.

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Career Cruising portfolios are cross-curricular, i.e. ELA, Math , Social Studies and Science, touching on standards in all subjects.  

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