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Karen Honeywell

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Sierra High Career Cruising


Career Cruising believes that for students to have a successful transition into post-secondary education and into the world of work, they have to be engaged and inspired about their own personal pathways. Although many students will be planning to attend a 4-year college, others will be happier pursuing a 2-year college option, going to a career and technical school, entering the military, or becoming a part of the workforce right after high school. We want to show students all of these possibilities so that they can make an informed decision that best suits their interests and abilities. That in turn, will create more productive citizens who are happy and motivated about their lives.

Career Cruising is committed to a holistic, research-based, career development-focused approach that emphasizes self-assessment, exploration and planning first, fully integrated with the education planning process, and linked to real-world employment opportunities in the community and beyond.

“Among the 20,000 plus schools that use our programs in North America, a number of districts implement our solution for both general and special education students; transition students are able to use our interest assessment, career information, and portfolio tool as a part of their IEPs. Career Cruising is fully compliant with Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA 508) and to further support the use of our program with transition students, we have put together support documents and training videos that discuss how our program can be used to meet the National Alliance for Secondary Education and Transition’s standards and the recommended transition services/activities identified in the Individuals with Disabilities Act.” – Career Cruising.


Career Cruising engages a full-time, year-round staff, supplemented by summer co-op students, to research and write the most informative, comprehensive, accurate, and engaging career information in the US, featuring:

·         Student-friendly language

·         Comprehensive, engaging profiles

·         Interviews with real people

·         Multimedia clips

·         A Photo File for every career

·         Day in the Life scenarios

·         A sample Career Path

·         Related Careers

·         Links to other helpful resources – web links

·         Information in manageable chunks

·         California Industry Sector


For additional Career Cruising, please click on this link to access a Summary of Features.



Our district does have access to Naviance, a college planning tool and network, however we believe that this program helps with a more holistic approach for our Sierra High and Cold Stream students.

Career Cruising focuses on showing students how their coursework aligns with their career goals to make connections between what they are doing in school today and their future career plans.

Our staff works with the school and district to set up the course selection program to meet each school’s unique needs. We provide support for the initial configuration of data exchange between our system and the school’s SIS as well as customizing the program according to the school’s specific career pathways, graduation requirements, and course selection needs. Comprehensive reporting tools are available to counselors—ultimately streamlining the process and saving time for the educators involved.

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To ensure that all students have a career and college search platform to fit their needs.

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Students' interests in post-secondary avenues and choices will be peaked, and pathways beyond high school will be highlighted by our graduates and their pursuits.

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Career and College counseling sessions with Karen Honeywell.

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