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Tahoe Lake 1st-4th grade

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The first through fourth grades at Tahoe Lake came together to request funding for several items that would enhance our classrooms.  

The first items are calculators and clipboards to use with our new Everyday Math curriculum.  The program comes with amazing manipulative, games, resource books, manuals, etc. but lacks the necessary calculators for individual use in several of the lessons and games.  We have chosen solar powered calculators so that we won't have to continually buy and replace batteries.  We also love the collaboration between the students that the program requires and also would benefit from clipboards that the students could use to carry their work around the classroom.  These clipboards would also be beneficial in other areas of the curriculum and would be great to use of field trips as well.  We are all requesting class sets.

The next item is IPAD protectors.  We are lucky enough to each have 45 classroom IPADS on campus for educational enhancement.  We want to protect this investment and are seeking holders/protectors. These holders have handels for easy carrying and are shock proof in case dropped.  The holders also come in a variety of colors that would allow us teachers to easily assign and know who is working on which IPAD.  We are requesting holders for all classroom IPADS.  

Another item we are requesting is Big Joe cuddle chairs.  Several of us currently use bean bags in our classrooms.  We enjoy the variety and choice we can give our students, especially when doing independent or small group reading.  We are wanting these new bean bags/chairs because they are vinyl, and therefore can be cleaned easier and don't carry as big of a risk for spreading lice.   

The next two items we are requesting are stability disks and exercise balls.  When we have wiggly students it is nice to try out a variety of seating options if a traditional chair doesn't work.  Each teacher would like two of each of these to have in their classroom for use as needed.

The final items we are requesting are gaming headphones and headphone splitters.  As mentioned previously, we are lucky to have either IPADS or Chromebooks in the classroom.  One of the APPs most used in the 2nd-4th grades is RAZ-Kids.  This APP allows students to not only read, but record themselves reading, relisten to it and send it to the teacher.  Often times, the students either cover the mic with their hands, talk too quietly or maybe the classroom is too noisy for the recording to work properly.  These headsets will allow for the students to be able to hear and record clearer.  In addition, these headsets with mics could be used for numerous other APPs.

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The objective of all of these items is to enhance the classroom learning environment.

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By enhancing the classroom environment, we will be setting our students up for success.  The teachers will be able to use the curriculum like Every Day Math and RAZ Kids more efficeintly and successfully.

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All of these items would be used daily to offer an enhanced learning environment to reach the diverse learning styles of our students.

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This grant was written school wide to enhance all classrooms, 1st-4th grade at Tahoe Lake Elementary.

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TTUSD purchased all other components of the Every Day Math Curriculum
TLE site funds purchased IPADs


Our staff worked together to come up with seven items that would really enhance our classroom and curriculum. Every grade level 1-4th grade requested some if not all of the items.


We found all the items through Amazon Prime allowing all items to ship for $99.