Historical Fiction - Spanish

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Marcia Tierney

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Students will engage in daily, meaningful reading tasks in class. Students will be able to respond in discussions and in writing which demonstrates an understanding of diverse cultural perspectives; Students will be able to identify and explain the significance of the essential literary elements of novels (i.e. character, setting, conflict, plot, climax, resolution, theme, tone, and point of view); Students will be able to participate in discussions and draft writing which demonstrates an understanding of personalities, trends, and beliefs that have shaped American history and culture.

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Students will become more fluent with reading higher-level Spanish; students will be more fluent and prepared for high school Spanish; students wil identify literary devices in Spanish.

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Students can participate in literature circles and have discussions on the various elements of the book; Students can also suplement the reading of the textbook using vastious forms of literature.  These activities can be independent, small group or whole class.

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The resources can be used for all Students 5th through 8th grade.

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