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Jean Fournier

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Please allow this grant to serve as a request for funding for eighty-five new marching band uniforms for Truckee High School's award winning music department. Poised with a new director, Jesse Steele, as of 2014-2015 school year, the THS music department is expanding all of its bands. Currently THS has a 54 student symphonic band,  a 38 person jazz band, two 6-10 person jazz combos and a pep band. Growth from last year is evident in the marching band as well. Last year THS had 40 students in marching band and this school year there are 54. This growth is expected to continue in future years. The current marching band uniforms are several decades old, were used by a collegiate marching band prior to THS obtaining them, and are irreplaceable. Furthermore, they have costume parts that are broken and can not be replaced. The current dry clean only outdated uniforms are made of heavy wool and are not able to be worn in snow or rain. They are also extremely hot in the sun.  The modern uniforms we need are lightweight, synthetic fabric that is washable, and more adaptable for all weather playing. Each uniform would include bibbers (pants), custom jacket, and shako hats.  Within this grant there are options available for different priced uniform components. We are requesting funds to purchase 85 uniforms at $332. a piece. However, if this grant is not fully funded, we would be willing to substitute less expensive components for more expensive components. 

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Marching band begins in August with a week of marching band camp where students volunteer for a full week to aquire marching band fundamentals. The objectives of the Truckee High School marching band program include building teamwork and discipline that carries over into symphonic band, jazz band and other aspects in life. Marching band provides an opportunity for student leadership positions. The drum major and assistant drum major collaboratively plan and implement most facets of the marching band summer camp.  The drum major writes the field shows and leads and directs students on game days. The marching band is deeply rooted in school spirit and has a presence at all home football games to support our athletes. 

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Success will be measured by continued growth of all THS band programs and increased community awareness and presence. 

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This grant is not to implement a new program, but to greatly improve an exisiting one. This helps to solidify and define the community pesence.  There are many community members who are not aware of the excellence of the THS band program. With new uniforms the band would most likely undertake new marching events in our community. By purchasing these uniforms the band would align the band's uniform colors to the school's colors.

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We are the only marching band in Tahoe Truckee Unified School District. We do visit elementary schools each year as part of our Goodwill Tour and could plan events where these uniforms are worn. 

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The marching band students are so passionate about acquiring new uniforms that a current student wrote a grant for $10,000. to TTCF's Queen of Hearts Foundation for uniforms. This senior student, the band council president, has approached Queen of Hearts and is awaiting word as to whether her grant will be funded.


It is expected that up to 85 students would be able to use these new uniforms each year for an estimated ten years. Therefore approximately 850 students would benefit from this grant over time.


The total cost of 85 uniforms would be $28,209, but we are asking for $18,209 because we are hopeful that $10,000 will be granted from TTCF's Queen of Hearts Foundation.
Tax on $26,029.50 is $2179.97