Excellence in Education Endorses Measure AA

Funding provided by the state of California does not adequately cover essential education programs vital for all students to receive a well-rounded, high quality education. Classes in science, art, music, technology, physical education, along with school libraries, counseling and nursing services would not be an option if our district did not have the support of an additional parcel tax.

Since losing property tax funding from the state in 1989, local voter-approved funding has continued to be renewed so our children can receive the support and educational programming they need. This measure is up for renewal this November as "Measure AA". We need your "YES" vote on this low-cost, critical measure. 

Yes on AA maintains science labs and instruction. Teachers are able to provide valuable hands-on experience learning science concepts.

Yes on AA provides students the opportunity to explore art and music curriculums. This would go away without Measure AA.

Yes on AA maintains career technical/vocational job training programs so that students continue to have hands-on, interactive learning tools to acquire real-world skills for good-paying jobs.

Yes on AA prepares students for college/university. It continues honors/advanced placement including classes in physics, chemistry and biology. Yes on AA continues voter-approved funding that ensures students continue to receive music, art technology, physical/science education, and college/job preparation.

Yes on AA provides employment for 55 staff members of TTUSD. These are community members who are specially trained to take our children to the next level.

Yes on AA requires all funds to be used in Tahoe Truckee public schools. No funds will be diverted outside the Tahoe Truckee Unified School District.

Yes on AA continues to require strict accountability protections including Independent Citizens Oversight and financial audits. No money from Measure AA can go to administrator salaries or benefits. All funds must be spent locally – and by law, no money goes to the State.

Yes on AA supplements our school district with $5.6 million annually. Each parcel pays $148/year. This is only $12 per month to provide invaluable funding to our community.

Yes on AA builds a strong foundation within our community. Our children emerge from our school system with a well-rounded education, ready to integrate in to the local workforce or continue on to higher education in respectable schools. This is a benefit to our entire community, bringing respect and vitality to our wonderful home!

Seniors over age 65 are exempt from paying Measure AA. But we still need a YES vote on this Measure from everyone, even if you are exempt!

Our local schools must prepare students to compete in the technologically advanced, highly competitive 21st century economy! Measure AA will continue to fund science labs, school libraries and classroom instruction that keeps pace with educational supplies to equip our students with the skills they need to succeed.

That’s why educators, parents, seniors, business owners, and community leaders are voting Yes on AA to maintain quality Tahoe Truckee schools for all students! For information, www.voteyesonmeasureaa.com