To date, Excellence in Education has funded more than $3 million in grants supporting local education. Grant monies support programs that are specifically designed to promote student interest in learning, to give students hands-on learning experiences, and to encourage quality academic performance. Search here by year, keyword or school site to see what grants have been funded over the years.

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Grant Date Title School Site Amount Funded
2019 Spark Imagination and Active Play Tahoe Lake Elementary $6,872
2019 The Greening of Truckee Elementary Truckee Elementary $665
2019 Canciones y Cuentos Decodable Books Level A & Level B K/1 Kings Beach Elementary $545
2019 Supplemental Subscriptions to enhance Literacy in the Elementary Classroom Sierra Expeditionary Learning School $439
2019 PeaceJam Juniors Curriculum Truckee Elementary $196
2019 Structure Personal Protective Equipment Sierra High School $4,677
2019 Growing Plants in Kindergarten Truckee Elementary $783
2019 2019-2020 Sources of Strength at Sierra High School Sierra High School $1,010
2019 TouchMath. Reaching and Teaching All Students Truckee Elementary $3,431
2019 Kiwi Co Crate Subscription to Enhance STEM Sierra Expeditionary Learning School $666
2019 Rocks, Minerals & Geological Processes for the NGSS Alder Creek Middle School $1,930
2019 Extra Support for Struggling Readers in Second Grade Kings Beach Elementary $585
2019 Scholastic News 3: 2019-2020 School Year Tahoe Lake Elementary $446
2019 Musical Instruments for the ACMS Music Program Alder Creek Middle School $6,000
2019 My Meaningful Life Journals for Elementary Students Sierra Expeditionary Learning School $691
2019 Social Studies Book Sets Truckee Elementary $510
2019 Kings Beach Elementary Living History Day Kings Beach Elementary $585
2019 Spanish read aloud books to support bilingual Writers Workshop at KBE Kings Beach Elementary $2,000
2019 1st Grade Steam Kings Beach Elementary $864
2019 Cross Country Ski Equipment for Glenshire TK - 2 Glenshire Elementary $15,000
2019 Student Choice Leisure Reading Novels Sierra High School $1,500
2019 NTHS Weight Room Equipment North Tahoe High School $617
2019 ReadNaturally Live Alder Creek Middle School $1,932
2019 Class Set of award winning novel, "Merci Saurez Changes Gears" for School Library Truckee Elementary $380
2019 Equipping the Molecular Biology Lab at NTHS North Tahoe High School $3,218
2019 Literature Circle Books Glenshire Elementary $1,063
2019 Mini PCR Biotechnology Curriculum Truckee High School $5,046
2019 Leveled Readers for Beginning and Remedial Readers Sierra Expeditionary Learning School $7,575
2019 ReadNaturally Live Glenshire Elementary $748
2019 Adapted Dreambox Mathematics Support Program Donner Trail Elementary $1,500