To date, Excellence in Education has funded more than $3 million in grants supporting local education. Grant monies support programs that are specifically designed to promote student interest in learning, to give students hands-on learning experiences, and to encourage quality academic performance. Search here by year, keyword or school site to see what grants have been funded over the years.

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Grant Date Title School Site Amount Funded
2019 Scholastic "Let's Find Out" Weekly Readers with Science Spin Component Truckee Elementary $511
2019 Group Boxes Truckee High School $2,687
2019 Snares and Quads for the THS marching drum line Truckee High School $2,953
2019 LIPS: Phonemic Awareness Curriculum Tahoe Lake Elementary $549
2019 Heart Rate Monitors Truckee High School $5,046
2019 AIMSweb plus renewal for NTS Reading Intervention Program North Tahoe School $450
2019 Classroom Community-Building Carpet Sierra Expeditionary Learning School $527
2019 Groundwater Simulation Kits Truckee High School $4,893
2019 Reading Gone Wild with Strategy Buddies! Kings Beach Elementary $911
2019 Book Love: Classroom Library Refresh North Tahoe High School $4,404
2019 Grow System for Observing Genetic Traits Sierra Expeditionary Learning School $382
2019 Sierra Guide books for Science Lab Tahoe Lake Elementary $423
2019 Science and Social Studies Standards Aligned Classroom Picture Books Truckee Elementary $890
2019 Dye and materials for tie dying Tahoe Lake Elementary $194
2019 Fidget Bands to Increase Focus and Minimize Distraction Tahoe Lake Elementary $301
2019 Time For Kids x2 Truckee Elementary $3,613
2019 The Drone Zone Kings Beach Elementary $1,511
2019 SELS Vernier Additional Probes and Sensors Sierra Expeditionary Learning School $1,689
2019 Costumes for Historical Tours in Downtown Truckee Sierra Expeditionary Learning School $316
2019 WeDo LEGO Construction Program Expansion Truckee Elementary $317
2019 Literature Circle Novel Sets Sierra High School $600
2019 Culturally Rich Dramatic Play Kings Beach Elementary $6,352
2019 Macro Lens set for Stories in the Snow Project with DRI Tahoe Lake Elementary $132
2019 Curriculum Aligned Books for Classroom Instruction Donner Trail Elementary $344
2019 Studio Lights and Studio Pop-Up Shooting Tents for Photography North Tahoe High School $2,132
2019 Gone Boarding Veneer request Truckee High School $5,629
2019 Scholastic Magazine, 2 x Second Grade, 1 x First Grade Truckee Elementary $250
2019 SWEP Science Festivals District-wide $6,000
2019 Living History Supplies Truckee Elementary $198
2019 Environment Enhancement Sierra High School $3,500