4th Grade Science, Language Arts, and Classroom Supplies

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My grant focuses on science materials aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards, and classroom resources and supplies that are needed for my second year teaching fourth grade. Students will use STEM kits to build roller coaster models for their energy unit. I am also looking to purchase additional supplies for my classroom. These items incluse a drying rack and study corrals.

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 To give hands-on experiences with science materials, rather than only reading. To interact with science principles and to increase their understanding to the Next Generation Science Standards. 

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Formative and summative assessments. 

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The science materials will be used during our fourth grade science rotation. All fourth grade students will have an opportunity to build a rolleer coaster that aligns with their energy unit. Students will build a roller coaster to learn about kinetic and potential energy.

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

Yes! The roller coasters will be shared with all the fourth grade classes.

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Thank you for your support, and consideration for my grant!!