Butterfly Habitats and Sprout and Grow Windows

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Gay Thomas
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As a science school, we are always looking for way to enhance our students' experiences with hands-on science to deepen understanding. The hands-on science opportunities we provide enrich our students' learning, giving them more to write, discuss, and ponder on. The objective of this program is to add to the hands-on science opportunities in every classroom.

Benefits of Program (10 points)

A key benefit of this program is that every classroom at every grade level participates every year. This is important in terms of deepening students' understanding of scientific principles such as life cycles as students encounter the learning experience every year as their ability to observe and predict and apply scientific understanding grows. We have grown and hatched butterflies for many years, and are now in need of several new butterfly habitats to safely house our fragile butterflys before release. We are also looking to add a botany feature by having 'Sprout and Grow' windows in every classroom so students can observe and care for plants as they grow from seed to full growth.

Success of Program (10 points)

The success of the program is defined in the short term by successful emergence and release of butterflies for every room and by plants growing to full maturity. The long term success of the program will be measured by students' growing understanding of life cycles and the ability to apply more complex predictions, observations, and findings as they grow.

Implementation (10 points)

Butterflies are hatched in the fall and spring in every instructional space on campus. Plants will be grown throughout the year in every classroom as well.

These projects are ongoing every year and are easily sustained.
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All classes participate and collaboratively shape study around the butterflies and plants.

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None available at this time.