Career Cruising-2016-2017 software license

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Karen Honeywell
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There is a strong need for Career Cruising in our alternative education programs as it makes career exploration activities accessible and engaging for students at all levels.

Career Cruising is a very user friendly tool for career exploration activities. Career Matchmaker and Career Selector help students investigate careers that match with their interests and priorities. The data base of careers is full of current information that allows students to delve deeper into the specifics of thousands of careers and the education and training necessary to enter these fields. There is also portfolio tool for students to keep track of all of their information.

 Career Cruising is required for all Seniors at Sierra High and Coldstream  as well as underclassmen in our Public Safety pathway class and Placer Community School.  Career Cruising is available online for all students, staff and families of these programs.

Benefits of Program (10 points)

Students who are interested in their future are more engaged in their education.When inspired people with personal ambition and career dreams are given the knowledge and information they need to help them define their goals and shape their future, they have the power to achieve their full potential in school, career and life. A focus on career education can help students better transition out of school to their chosen pathway and build future-ready skills. 


Success of Program (10 points)

Career Cruising enhances career exploration activities by providing access to user friendly  software. When students have a focus for the future, they become more engaged in the education necessary to achieve their goals.

Implementation (10 points)

Career Cruising is used at multiple site. At Sierra High it is an important component in the requirements of the senior graduation portfolio. This is implemented by career adviser Karen Honeywell, during Monday senior advisory.  In the Public Safety class at Sierra High, Career Cruising is being used to explore careers specific to the public safety pathway. Generally students take the Career Matchmaker interest inventory and then after checking out some of the careers that showed up on the list, they choose 2 to compare and present that information in worksheet format.

At Coldstream students work with their English teachers to use Career cruising.

At Placer Community School Karen Honeywell visits the school and works directly with all students to explore their interests.

With use of the login and password  Career  Cruising can be accessed online by family members.

Funding will need to be secured every year.
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Career Cruising is available for all alternative education teachers, staff, students and families.

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