CD Players to support Daily 5

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Beth Nordby, Dawn Rye, Marnie Anderson
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The purchase of CD players for the first grade classrooms will allow us to more easily implement the Listening To Reading part of Daily 5, the district supported language arts curriculum. We currently have only one CD player per class, which is not sufficient to support this portion of the language arts curriculum.

Benefits of Program (10 points)

First grade students at Tahoe Lake Elementary will have access to the CD players in order to participate in Listening To Reading, as part of the Tahoe Truckee Unified School District's supported curriculum of Daily 5. The students will use the CD players to Listen to Reading which is a key element in becoming a successful and fluent reader.

Success of Program (10 points)

Success will be evident as our first graders become fluent and confident readers. The addition of CD players allows the children to have access to literature read in a fluent voice and using expression to help them model this behavior.

Implementation (10 points)

Students will have access to the CD players throughout the day as they participate in the Daily 5 curriculum. Having a set of 5 CD players allows for a group of students to participate in this part of the program, and allows each individual student to become a fluent and competent reader.

No, there is no additional funding needed for the CD players. There are cords to plug in and they do not need batteries. These CD players could be used over a period of many years.
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Each first grade classroom will receive 5 CD players, which could be shared within the grade level to provide a larger number of players at any time.

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Each unit cost is $34.99 plus $2.80 tax for a total for all 15 units of $566.85

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