Comfortable Headphones for Testing on Chrome Books

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Michele S-Forsberg
School Site
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Third through Fifth students are now 1/1 with Chrome Books. Last year, during State and District testing, the students were given earbuds. The earbuds were too big and very uncomfortable. The students couldn't keep them in their ears. Some teachers purchased cheap over-the-ear models, but the quality was poor and they did not last long. After careful research, we believe we've found a quality model specifically designed for kids. They are lightweight, comfortable, and adjustable. The earphones also come with a KidzControl Volume Limit Cable for safety reasons. State and District testing is a long process. We believe our students will be more successful if they are better prepared and have the proper tools.

Benefits of Program (10 points)

All students, third through fifth will benefit from the purchase of headphones. As stated above, State and District testing is a long process. We believe our students will be more successful if they have the proper tools to help them through the process. If they are uncomfortable with the equipment provided them, they will not be able to focus and might hurry through the testing.

Success of Program (10 points)

It was obvious the first time the students tried to use the earbuds last year that they were not going to work! Students lost focus and attention while they were playing with the earbuds and trying to get them to work. Inexpensive over-the-ear models would lose sound from one side, The students were more concerned with that piece of equipment than the actual testing. The success of the program will be demonstrated the first time the students use the headphones.

Implementation (10 points)

The program's implementation will begin as soon as the headphones arrive. Students third-fifth are on Chrome Books daily.

No additional funding will be required.
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This grant will be shared with all students third-fifth.

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We are asking for 300 blue pieces at $19.99 for ALL third-fifth students.