Compound Microscopes for Sierra High School

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The use of compound microscopes is a fundamental part of laboratory science. Every student earning Life Science or Biology credit needs to be knowledgeable and comfortable in the use of a compound microscope. The knowledge gained in the use of compound microscopes will most likely carry over into the other disciplines of science as well.

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Provide fundamental compound microscope laboratory science knowledge that will carry over to other disciplines of science.

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Many different avenues can be used to measure success such as; student lab participation/engagement, student excitement to use the equipment, lab report grades, written test grades and practical test grades.

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The compound microscopes can be used in a variety of laboratory experiments over many different disciplines of science such as Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science and Physics. They can also be used by students in community service opportunities like SWEPS water quality survey which includes using microscopes to identify aquatic insects.

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Compound microscope use ties directly to the science PLC. Both North Tahoe High School and Truckee High School teach the fundamentals of compound microscope use. The science PLC believes so strongly in students knowing how to use a compound microscope, a laboratory section of the Biology challenge exam test, tests the student on their compound microscope use and knowledge. The compound microscopes also tie directly laboratory investigations, which is a fundamental component of science.

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