Consumables for SHS Eng/Tech classes

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This grant is designed to support the existing Engineering Technology classes at Sierra High School.

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The students will use algorithmic thinking. They will work in teams of 5 or less to solve advanced project based problems. The standards covered in this course will cover advanced skills that students will be able to apply to entry level job positions, allowing students to experience and analyze career interests. The class will also provide knowledge and skill allowing the students to participate in Sierra College's mechatronics classes.

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More students taking or continuing on in the Engineering Technology classes. Students matriculating to the mechatronics program at Sierra College.

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The students will use the consumable materials to support all of the units. All of the units require batteries to support the equipment and robots. The propellers support the quadcopter flying unit. As beginner drone pilots the quadcopter is often crashed. The propellers are designed to break to protect the motors.

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The consumables requested support the activities that use algorithmic thinking which is a fundamental component of the Engineering Technology class.

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