The Egg Painting Compassion Project

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Amy Meierotto, Jamie Schwartz, Michelle Green, Dave Goggin, Judy Dietz, Clair Boyle, Sarah Avery, Bev Roberts, Erin Robb
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Description (10 points)

"Eggs are a perfect method to paint on when you are learning about things that can break.  When you know that something is really fragile, you take care of it.  When you see that the whole Earth and everything in it can be fragile. - well, you can imagine how that makes you feel.  If we all cared for each other and the Earth with our whole hearts, the work would be happy and we could relax and enjoy it together."  The above quote is a summary from a 3rd-grade student after completing the Egg Painting Compassion Project.  The objectives for this program is that students will paint their own stories around the three-dimensional, curved surfaces of a fragile eggshell.  The work is intricate.  It requires attention, commitment, and a great deal of care.  After creating a masterpiece work of miniature art, students write insightful poetry about their creation and perform in a professional-style reading before an audience.

"The Egg Painting Compassion Project was designed with fourth graders in mind, although it has been adapted for children and adults of all ages. It consists of ten gentle two-hour lessons that help students focus, find their center, paint their own stories on eggshell canvases, and write poems with messages that can only be found in the body of their completed work, messages that might help the rest of us navigate our world."

Benefits of Program (10 points)

This project gives students tools to navigate through life's challenges. It cultivates empathy and compassion in the classroom for ourselves and for each other. Students' literacy and language academic standards are supported through writing poetry and presentations. 

Success of Program (10 points)

Success will be measured by a completed egg masterpiece, a poetry piece, and a presentation.  Success is also measured by smiles on faces and a piece of artwork that lasts forever.

Implementation (10 points)

This project enables students to gain knowledge and skills needed to express ideas creatively in verbal and nonverbal ways.  The program is implemented over a total of  ten days in which the teachers have already scheduled for the 2016/17 school year.  The schedule includes experiencing different eggs, story telling, directed drawing, designing, egg painting, poem writing and oral presentations.

We hope to have the supplies part of this grand funded in cooperation with EEF and multiple funding sources. This program will need minimal or similar funding from EFF in the future.
Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

Yes, this program will be shared across the 4th grade California Content Standards including Science, Language Arts, English Language Development, Art, and Math. This program also can be shared with counselors to support character development curriculum and programs.

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Budget Notes

Total supplies per student is $8.05 and we have 238 4th graders enrolled. 

Other funding sources

Funding for the remainder of the program will come from donations of varying sources. 


The three (3) above schools will be using funds from PTOs and donations to cover the cost of the program. This grant is asking to cover the cost of the egg which is $8.05/student X 238= $1915.90