Give me something to help me stop fidgeting, please!

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Jennifer Jurosky
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In the interest of continuing to support the Classroom of the Future, students would benefit from items that help them focus when they are "fidgetty". Students are already exhibiting classroom behavior where there is a need for kinesthetic supports. Allowing students access to items that can be used to fulfill their physical needs can be useful when engaging their minds. Student engagement through physical activity, laughter, and fun have proven to be successful approaches for 21st century learners. The Classroom Design of the Future committee specifically addressed the need for active seating, standing desks, and adjustable, mobile, collaborative seating. Students have benefitted tremendously from the forward thinking of Excellence in Education as well as our district support for innovative classrooms. The objective of this grant is to ascertain if active students are better students. Comfortable learning environments invite students to actively participate in classroom activities.

Benefits of Program (10 points)

Students at North Tahoe HIgh are incredibly active and athletic students. Over 75 percent of our students participate in 3 or more sports per year. When expected to participate in classrooms that are not caring for their kinesthetic nature, it is often distracting when they are trying to occupy their physical needs. Allowing students access to items that allow them to move in place when they are feeling anxious, or needing to be active they would have options.

Success of Program (10 points)

The success of the program will be judged by student focus. Having access to multiple ways to augment learning environments for the kinesthetic learner, information can be compiled as to frequency of use, most sought after items, items that may cause extreme distraction for other students to advise other teachers of potential concerns. Currently, students receive items in their hands when they are occupying their nervous energy with items that can be removed from the current furniture. Providing hem with items that they can roll in their hands or potentially providing them with items that will allow movement in their feet may help student focus.

Implementation (10 points)

Several different items that allow students to move while they are seated, or standing will be introduced into the Classroom of the Future at North Tahoe HIgh School. Students will be able to freely choose what items they will test during class time. Students will sign out the piece of equipment that they have chosen to pilot and provide feedback after use.

Certain pieces of equipment are likely to need replacement
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The introduction of engaging students through the inclusion of physical activity would serve as a school wide pilot program to determine what items are most successfully implemented in the classroom environment. The release of excess energy is meant to improve time on task and focus, theoretically.

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I emailed a budget proposal from the company to Joanna does not include taxes so I calculated the taxes before shipping and added them into the total. There was no specific way to place the pictures and information into this grant format. The one item that slightly resembled furniture was removed for other funding consideration at North Tahoe HIgh School It is likely to be considered by NTHS leadership. All items can be looked up at the following url for a visual representation Thank you for all of your support.

Other funding sources

Partial or full funding of this grant would be very appreciated. Currently there are no matching funds for this grant. The one item that slightly resembled furniture was removed for other funding consideration. It is likely to be considered by NTHS leadership. Time has been taken to share the concept and idea of kinesthetic supports with school administration. In the interest of keeping on the cutting edge of classroom designs support has been elicited. All of these items provide a kinesthetic focus. None of the items are representing furniture.


Thank you for your consideration. Purchase order from the company was sent to Joanna MItchell.  Any items that could be construed as furniture have been removed.