Grade 3 Math and Science Literacy Libraries

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Kathee Hansen, Priscilla MIlls, Ingrid Bourke

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This grant will provide Math and Science Literacy Libraries to complement the Everyday Math curriculum recently adopted by the district, as well as enrich instruction with the Next Generation Science Standards.  The research shows that connecting rich literature to content curriculum fosters engagement in lessons, stimulates students' connections with the content, and contributes to the love of reading. 

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Description (10 points)
  • Connecting literature to Math and Science content
  • Connecting writing to Math and Science literature
  • Tying real-world experience to Math and Science content
  • Creating opportunites for scholars to make connections the curriculum and real-life
  • Alignment with the Tahoe Truckee Reads program objective for all students to read at grade level.
Success of Program (10 points)
  • Student engagement and feedback before, during and after instruction.  For example, recently after reading a library copy of The Doorbell Rang at the beginning of a lesson introducing division, students were asked what the book might have to do with Math.  Students responded that the story was about "sharing equal groups" and that "it was about dividing things equally".  They went on to add that, "this is what you really do at home when you have to share or divide things up."
  • Teacher observation and assessment
  • Connections to writing in Math and Science
Implementation (10 points)

  • Read aloud literature to present problem solving and enrichment opportunities to enhance both math and science instruction.
  • Multiple repeat independent reading opportunities.
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This grant will be used for all third grade students and is submitted by the third grade team.  In addition, the libraries will be shared with the Resource classroom, Science classroom, and any teacher who wishes to use them to compliment their instruction.

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This grant will serve all third grade students annually. In addition, the books will be shared with the Resource Classroom, the Science teacher, and any other staff member who would like to use them to complement their instruction.


The books will be purchased through The Bookshelf in Truckee to both save on shipping costs and support a local merchant.