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Large Motor development is a crucial step in growing healthy young people. Large motor skills include jumping, skipping, hopping, climbing, peddaling, balance, We would like to purchase updated age and size appropriate items for our outdoor space. We would like to purchase equipment such as a water table for outside as well as new trikes, climbers and playhouse. These items will help support overall gross motor development with an emphasis in large motor development.



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To help support large motor development in our infants and toddlers by having equipment that is developmentally appropriate as well as age appropriate. Many of our students do not have access to this type of equipment for their young children. By the STEPP center offering these opportunites for development it helps not only the child but the parent see what is developmentally appropriate for thier child and gives them ideas on how to support their childs large motor development. Motor development is a crucial step in growing healthy young people. Motor development refers to changes in children's ability to control their body's movements; gross motor development actions include the movement of large limbs or the whole body as in walking.  Gross motor development includes the attainment of skills such as rolling over, sitting up, crawling, walking, and running. Gross motor behavior enables infants to move and thereby attain different and varied perspectives on the environment. Behaviors such as pulling to stand and climbing present children with new learning opportunities.. When infants pus a toy stroller, or shopping cart, they are also engaging in processes related to cognitive development, such as imitation. the gross motor behaviors in active outdoor play with other children are related to children's development of social skills and an understanding of social rules. Through providing materials and opportunities to practice and work towards mastery of these skills is helping our littlest learners become school ready. 

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Through our Desired Results Assessments we will be able to track each individual child’s progress from emerging to mastery. With this tool we do individual plans for each child and group lesson plans. We will know that our children are successful by showing mastery in the domain of Motor and Perceptual development.

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With this equipment we will be able to offer our infants and toddlers a variety of activities from working on peddling and pushing the new ride on equipment, setting up obstacle courses, and working on balancing. We will also be able to take some of the new equipment over to the gym space at the district office and use during the winter. We currently use that space during the cold days for large motor allowing us an opportunity to use this equipment year round. 


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Being early childhood we fit a special niche in our district. It does help the overall child in preparing them for school readiness. Through our program our children enter our schools ready to learn and their parents ready to be involved parents in our school system. 

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We will use some of our donation money


This grant will benefit 0-36months


The main climber in the infant yard we have had since we opened our doors in 1998-1999 school year. It has lasted but it is time to replace and add some new equipment. The toddler play structure was purchased and installed three years ago so the addition of the trikes, obstacle course equipment will help enhance opportunities for large motor activities.