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Jill Zapata

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Sierra High Leisure Reading

The Sierra High Leisure Reading program began years ago under the supervision of Jill Zapata. This program has helped change and improve the culture of our school. Many students that come to Sierra High have never completely read a book in middle school or high school. Now, all of our veteran Panthers have read several to numerous books of their choice during Leisure Reading, along with the required books/novels for the literacy program here. This program helps build reading stamina and engagement for all the subjects taught in our building and at our local college as many of our students are college students too. Additionally, our students are sharing their stories with the younger generation(s) and borrowing their books to their peers and older family members. The Leisure Reading program, 20 scheduled minutes every school day, is affecting more than our students. It has changed our school expectations and has made reading an enjoyable mandate of our school. It is undetermined what affect this will have on their future, but what is known, is that this program has changed the future for the better and for the many.

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To purchase leisure reading books for all enrolled students at Sierra High School. This will continue our vision of having the students choose their own books, and own their choice of literary options.

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Students will report to their teacher, and the school, about what they are reading, have read, and what they are looking at reading in the future.

What is hard to measure is the overwhelming impact that literacy can have in and outside of the school. 

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Students will participate in a journey to a book store to choose a selection of books for leisure reading for the 2015-16 school year.

Notice the attachment has a schedule dictating a permanent placement of reading on our schedule at 8:05. 

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Yes, all students at Sierra High will have access to this program.

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We are planning on taking our students to the Barnes and Noble Book Store in Reno, along with a trip to a museum. Our local book store may be closing soon, but we will also shop there first.