Magnetic White Boards, letters and numbers

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Cathy Tsaniff
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Donner Trail Elementary school is requesting magnetic white boards, letters and numbers for their K-3 students. The students currently use nonmagnetic, thin, chipped and heavily stained white boards for practicing Math and ELA routines,. We would like to purchase new individual magnetic white boards, letters and numbers to provide students fun and engaging ways to practice their Math and ELA skills and allow them to share their thinking with others without the letters/numbers falling off their boards. 

Benefits of Program (10 points)

Students will be able to improve literacy and math skills using magnetic white boards, letters and numbers to practice a variety of word work and math activities in accordance the the District adopted Daily 5/CAFE and Daily 3 Math processes and curriculum. The magnetic boards allow students to easily alter their thinking, collaborate and share their ideas during class work, small group work and intervention work without the concern of letters and numbers falling off their boards. 

Success of Program (10 points)

Students can successfully work independently and in small groups to kinesthetically practice language and math skills using magnetic letters and numbers that can be manipulated (without losing their work) as they share their thinking with others to meet different learning styles. Teachers can quickly assess if students are understanding concepts being taught either during whole-classroom instruction or during learning centers and intervention. 

Implementation (10 points)

Individual white boards, letters and numbers will be used for whole classroom room work, centers, and intervention in both K-1 and 2-3 classrooms immediately upon receipt for Daily 5/CAFE, Daily 3 Math and Intervention blocks.

The individual magnetic white boards, letters and numbers will be used for several years. No additional funding is required.
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Materials will be shared by K-3 students (approximately 48 students).

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$160 - Individual magnetic white boards - 8 sets of 6 at $20 per set
$480 - Magnetic numbers/letters - 8 sets at $60 per set
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