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Patrick Madigan

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The CPM program requires many hands-on activities for students.  We would like to purchase items needed for successful implementation of the program.  The manipulatives will be used by all grade levels.

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The objective of the math manipulatives is to support the Common Core curriculum that CPM provides.  Several lessons in the grade 6 Core Connections 1 program and the grade 7 Core Connections 2 program call for playing cards.  The grade 8 Core Connections 3 program requires geometric solids for teaching volume, Pythagorean Theorem, area and perimeter.

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Student success will be measured by students grasping the mathematical concepts, and with teacher created assessments.

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The manipulatives will be used in grade level math lessons as suggested by CPM. Manipulatives provide students with the opportunity to experience mathematical relationships instead of just watching the teacher demonstrate various concepts.

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The grant will be shared by all the math teachers at Alder Creek.

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