My Meaningful Life Journals for Elementary Students

Grant Applicant
Diane Welch
Grant Co-applicants
Dana Seaborg
School Site
Sierra Expeditionary Learning School
Grant Category
Life Skills & Health
Grant Date
Description (10 points)

Creating mindful students enhances the educational experience for individual students and the entire class. When students are able to think and reflect, their learning improves. Providing students with reflection journals to keep their thoughts in one space will provide them with the skills needed to share and think in appropriate ways leading them to become better students.

My Meaningful Life Journals, A Book of Self-Discovery for Kids allows students to put their thoughts down on paper inside a journal of their own. Students learn to communicate with the bright, fun pages within this journal that gives them a place to share their ideas.

Benefits of Program (10 points)

Giving all 2nd and 3rd grade students a place to write down their thoughts to help them communicate clearly is essential to a healthy way of thinking. Giving each student, across the grade level, the tools to practice mindful thinking strategies will help relieve anxiety throughout their lives. This journal clearly begins the habit of writing down your thoughts, good and bad, in order to clear your mind to think productively. Giving students a few minutes each day to calm their minds and set intentions will help them succeed academically.

Success of Program (10 points)

Students on our grade level will learn life-long skills of sharing their thoughts and ideas in a journal designed for kids. This essential skill will allow students to calm down following high-energy times during the day to mentally prepare for learning within the classroom.

Implementation (10 points)

Each student will have their own journal and keep it in a safe place within the classroom for two consecutive years. During the week, when students need to refocus on learning, time will be given to allow students to reflect in their journal. Some days we will select a page to complete as a class, other days students will be free to choose their own focus.

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

Yes. This grant is written for all 2nd and 3rd grade students and will be used in both classrooms.

This is a consumable item that will need additional funding every two years since students loop in our grade level. Upon successful implementation of this program, additional funding sources and grants will be considered.
Amount Funded
Individual Budget Items(s)
$798 - My Meaningful Life Journal
Budget Notes

Quote is from Word After Work bookshop in downtown Truckee. The -$160.00 in shipping accounts for a 20% educator discount.

Other funding sources

Books must be directly related to curriculum. Since these journals are more geared towards self-expression, curriculum funds cannot be used.


I have used these books in the past and students love them. It's a great way to start young students on a path of self-reflection.