New Literacy Intervention and Enrichment Classroom

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Julie Otis
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Description (10 points)

This grant aims to provide a new Literacy Intervention and Enrichment Classroom with the most concurrent materials needed in order to help all students acquire a love of reading and a desire to be literate. This program must supply books, games, and high-interest learning materials to grades K-4, from emergent readers to those involved in the Accelerated Learning Programs and Services (ALPS), formerly called the GATE program. Furthermore, this classroom must supply students and colleagues with supportive educational resources, such as audiobooks and “EyeLighters,” as many struggling readers require further assistance to acquire the new California State Standards. On the other hand, advanced learners are in need of specialized reading materials that will help them better understand how their unique brains must be challenged to grow and succeed. Since this is a new classroom, in the Spanish Immersion Program, there are limited resources in place for this curriculum. While there are Fountas & Pinnell Intervention Program kits available, and other sites are using this adoption, these materials are only offered in English. At present, the Intervention and Enrichment teacher is creating the program’s curriculum and designing materials, while also collaborating and supporting fellow teachers to maintain the program in their own classes. Finally, the Literacy Intervention and Enrichment teacher wants to purchase a school-wide online data management tool, in order to better collaborate with colleagues about students performance in reading.

Benefits of Program (10 points)

All teachers and students benefit from the new Literacy Intervention and Enrichment Program. Intervention and enrichment classes are taking place in kindergarten-third grade, Monday-Thursday for 45-50 minutes with each grade level. All students are divided amongst teachers based on need, with the intervention students receiving more individual support. ALPS classes are offered Tuesdays and Thursdays for 40 minutes in school and 60 minutes after school on Tuesday afternoons. All teachers and students at Kings Beach Elementary are participating in the Intervention and Enrichment classes, except for Transitional Kindergarten. This program benefits all students, since almost the entire student body is receiving an intervention or enrichment class three to four times a week. By providing the new Literacy Intervention and Enrichment Classroom with highly engaging reading, writing and learning materials, all students will increase their motivation and abilities to read and write. Intervention students will benefit from having more access to hands-on, engaging learning tools such as kinesthetic emergent readers, audiobooks, Eyelighters, games, and puzzles. Advanced readers will benefit from creative read-alouds, chapter books, riddles and other resources to promote a growth mindset. The teachers will benefit from the online Pensieve ( which enables all teachers to collaborate about how every student is doing in 5 major areas of reading: Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, Vocabulary, and Behavior.

Success of Program (10 points)

Success of the program will be based on how students are able to acquire the new California State Standards for Reading. Students will be continually assessed using the Fountas & Pinnell Assessment System (which is CCSS aligned), and all students - intervention or enrichment - will make adequate growth to demonstrate skills to be proficient or advanced in the CCSS. Furthermore, all third and fourth grade students will demonstrate their knowledge when they take the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) in May 2017. All materials for the new Literacy Intervention and Enrichment Classroom have been carefully chosen to support students in acquiring the new California Standards. However, no core curriculum can be taught during the intervention/enrichment class, since no student should lose access to core curriculum. That said, all learning activities aim to support the core curriculum and teach reading standards, while increasing students’ reading comprehension, accuracy (decoding and phonemic awareness), fluency, and vocabulary. Students performance in each of these areas, along with behavior, can be tracked on, part of The Two Sisters’ CAFE program. The CAFE system is a nationally recognized and scientifically research program. The new Intervention and Enrichment program will better prepare all students in the general education classroom.

Implementation (10 points)

The new materials for the Literacy Intervention and Enrichment Classroom will be implemented promptly. The Literacy Intervention and Enrichment teacher has already created an Amazon wish-list which would be purchased upon approval. As soon as the new materials arrive, and are labeled with Excellence in Education stickers, they will be made available for student use. The blank CDs will be the only exception, as they require time to burn audiobooks and put into bags. However, the Literacy Intervention and Enrichment teacher already has audiobooks, bags, and labels ready for this purpose, and she envisions within a couple of weeks being able to copy the audio-books and share with students and other teachers. Lastly, the online conferring notebook can be purchased immediately upon approval, and the process takes about a week for the accounts to be activated, students entered, and shared with teachers. In summary, this plan will take a maximum of 2 weeks for materials to be ordered, shipped, and labeled, so that students can use them. The online notebook will take about 1-2 weeks as well. The audiobooks will take a maximum of 4 weeks to get into student hands (and ears).

The new Literacy Intervention and Enrichment Classroom will be very sustainable for future years. However, the success of the program will be determined by school wide data for reading levels, from Fountas & Pinnell and the CAASPP. After reviewing future scores, I will be able to determine if there are future needs for this program. For example, if a Fountas & Pinnell Intervention system was released in Spanish, that would prove as a future need. On the contrary, the classroom will be extremely successful and sufficient upon funding of this grant. Thank you for your consideration.
Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

As previously stated, much of this grant will be shared with kindergarten-fourth grade teachers. Since I am working closely with all grade levels to support an intervention and enrichment period, I am certain that I can share these ideas, resources, and materials with the school. This is especially true with “Eyelighters,” which are a visual tracking strip, which I will share with every classroom.

Budget (10 points)
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Budget Notes

All of the items are Amazon Prime, thus there are no shipping costs. The sales tax is 7.5% on $551.91 = $41.40. There is no tax on the online conferring notebook.

Other funding sources

I requested funding for the online conferring notebook from PACE (our Parent-Teacher Organization). They asked me to look for funding elsewhere. There is no more funding for items for this program from our school site for the online conferring notebook. I had to use my classroom money for supplies that I needed immediately to get the room set up for Intervention and Enrichment.


Thank you very much for your consideration. ~Julie