NTHS Physical Education Enhancement- Indoor Soccer

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Jessi Ernst
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The need is for 4 collapsible, indoor soccer goals to enhance the physical education program. They would be smaller than a regular goal at 6'x 4' I would also need to purchase the indoor adaptor kit which is a set of rubber stands that protect the gym floor. At this point, there are no soccer goals of the appropriate size for indoor use. I have been using small hockey goals which do not stand up to soccer balls. Due to the weather, it is not possible to fit in all of the outdoor units that I would like, such as soccer. It is beneficial to have an indoor soccer solution which opens up time outside for other sports. NTHS also opens the gym to students during RTI and lunch periods. Many students choose to play indoor soccer during this time but are not able to organize a proper game since there are no durable goals. Students resort to using trashcans which causes damage and messes. Soccer is an extremely endeared sport with NTHS students. Having the opportunity to play year-round is pertinent to their happiness!

Benefits of Program (10 points)

The indoor soccer goals will benefit the students in a number of ways. They are able to learn and practice strategies and techniques unique to soccer in an indoor environment without risking damage to other equipment. Students will be able to use these goals during open gym in lunch and RTI periods. Having this opportunity minimizes the amount of students leaving campus for these periods which in turn could help reduce truancy and encourage attendance.

Success of Program (10 points)

Having 4 indoor soccer goals enables the classes to be split into smaller sided games during soccer units. The gym could be split into 2 courts for game play, with 2 games going on at once. This will increase participation in PE classes as no students will be on the sidelines waiting for their turn to play. If there were four goals this would also enable more skills practice while learning the fundamentals of the game. Students could be split into 4 groups and practice skills at 4 different goal stations. This not only increases participation, but increases the skill level of the students as they would have more access to a goal for practice. More skills practice, in turn, increases safety. Students who are given more opportunity to master skills are better able to control a ball in a crowded environment. Success would be measured by the amount of students mastering skills in a more controlled environment.

Implementation (10 points)

The goals would be implemented into the PE program throughout the year in many scenarios. Not only would they be used during soccer-specific units but they could also be utilized for other non-traditional sports such as handball, basoccer or futsol. Implementation would take place year-round but specifically during winter months when outdoor soccer is not an option. The goals would also be used daily for open gyms during RTI and lunch.

No additional funding would be needed in the future to sustain the program.
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These goals would also benefit middle school physical education programs as they would have access to using them.

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Other funding sources

I requested funding from our Measure A budget for 12 indoor soccer balls to enhance this request.