Playground Enhancement to Promote Activity

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Jen McMaster
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Active play at recess has been shown to increase academic achievement and student ability to focus. Tetherball is a very popular recess game that develops hand eye coordination and large motor skills. We want to expand our students' access to tetherball throughout the year by adding two tetherball sets, so we'll have a total of five tetherball courts on the playground. We also hope to add two playground balls to each classroom so students have access to equipment that allows them to be more physically active at recess.

Benefits of Program (10 points)

Playing at recess has been shown to increase academic achievement and ability to focus. Right now students at Tahoe Lake can spend too much time at recess waiting in line to play as we only have three tetherball courts. Adding two tetherball courts to our playground will greatly increase the amount of time that students are active and engaged at recess. We also want to increase student activity by adding playground balls for foursquare and kickball.

Success of Program (10 points)

Increased student activity at snack and lunch recess, which leads to greater performance in the classroom. Also, having adequeate playground equipment available helps maintain a peaceful and positive playground environment.

Implementation (10 points)

Tetherball and playground balls will be available at every outdoor recess, for B-Fit time, and during certain units of PE.

The tetherball courts last for many years; however, balls need to be replaced occasionally which is why we are requesting replacement balls as well. Playground balls for four square and kickball don't have a super long life expectancy in Tahoe, which is why we are asking for them as part of this grant as we need to replace them at least once a year.
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Will be shared school-wide.

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None available at this time.