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Reality Works RealCare Baby Upgrade

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NTHS has 10 electronic babies that were purchased over 7 years ago. The babies are used every year with about 150 students per year. They are designed to simulate real babies and all students enrolled in health classes take home a baby for a weekend following our Sex Ed unit. The project is designed to give high school students the experience of having a baby as a teenager. The babies cry to be fed, rocked, diaper changed, burped or when handled roughly and record the level of care (or neglect) they receive from the caregiver. Students not only learn how having a baby as a teenager affects their lives, but they also realize that it affects everyone in their family as well. The project is intened to help students make the right choice regarding sexual activity while they are too young. 

In the last year the babies have gone downhill. Many students are experiencing babies that malfunction which results in them having to re do the project. The batteries are old and do not stay charged long enough to last a weekend, they sometimes do not recognize when they are receiving care and continuously cry, they make weird sounds or erase recorded care logs when returned to be graded. The program will have to cease in the coming year if they are not upgraded to new models. Unfortunatly the parts cannot be replaced becuase the current software is outdated and cannot be upgraded without the entire baby being replaced. The RealityWorks program is offering a temporary promotion with $100 off per trade-in baby. I would like to trade in 10 bablies for new ones and new software so that the program can continue. 

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The program objective is to enhance our sex-ed curriculum with the real lfe experience of having a newborn for a weekend. The program is intended to help high students make the right choices regarding sexual activity in high school. The project involves the whole family which reinforces the importance of sex education at home. 

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The babies are returned with an electronic log of how it was cared for and is graded as a major project assessment. Students are asked to reflect on the experience after completion via verbal or written prompts. 

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Students sign up for a weekend to take home a baby. They pick it up on Friday after school and return it Monday morning. This project-based assessment begins after the completion of our sex-ed unit in all health classes. 

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I am the only health teacher at NTHS. 

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This includes $1000.00 discount.