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Cathy Tsaniff
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Donner Trail Elementary School is requesting science instruments and materials to directly support hands-on learning in science exploration and investigation. We would like to purchase water thermometers, micro-invertebrates nets, plus necessary materials including droppers, tweezers, ice trays, etc., that will be used by students at our annual Yuba River Day environmental science and other Next Generation science related curriculum.  

Benefits of Program (10 points)

All students at Donner Trail Elementary School (grades K-5) will benefit from these necessary science materials as part of our multi-age, hands-on learning curriculum.  

Success of Program (10 points)

Our student success is demonstrated by hands-on learning and student engagement in our multi-station outdoor learning environments. Our annual Yuba River Day is a huge part of our outdoor learning that we offer students and it gets kids excited about learning science that continues well after our our event. We continue to make Yuba River Day learning connections with STEMscope curriculum, social studies and English Language Arts throughout the year.

Implementation (10 points)

Currently, we have to rent or borrow science equipment from environmental agencies and parents, which is often difficult to plan around, takes valuable time to coordinate, and is usually limited to one day. By having our own science instruments and materials, we have more control over planning our curriculum, which is critical because of the rapid weather changes on the Summit requiring flexibility in timing our outdoor learning. In addition, we would have the ability to use these instruments in many other learning applications throughout the year.

The investment in these science instruments will allow us to provide flexible, hands-on learning at our Yuba River Day event and many other lessons throughout the year.
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The materials purchased would be used by all grade levels (K-5).

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