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Patrick Madigan

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Calculators are often used in our CPM program as well as in science.  We are seeking funds to purchase two class sets of scientific calculators for student use.

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One of the Common Core Standards of Mathematical Practices (SMP's) states that students consider available tools (including technology) when solving mathematical problems and must understand when particular tools might be helpful.  The calculators support this SMP.

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Appropriate use by the students will be our measure of success.  Students need to know when the calculators are a benefit, and when it is more useful to use other methods (estimation, mental math, paper and pencil, etc.).

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The CPM courses assume, in general, that students have a scientific calculator available as one of the tools they can choose from to strategically solve problems, both for classwork and for homework.  We would use the calculators in CPM Course 3 and CPM Integrated I. The 8th grade science classes will also use the calculators when studying measurement, density, force and motion, and speed.

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This grant is for the 8th grade math and science team.

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Our classroom supply monies are not sufficient to purchase the calculators.


Desmos calculators are available online with the CPM program. However, we do not allow students to use their Chromebooks or phones during assessments. The calculators would be available every day for classroom use, and students would be allowed to use them when needed on assessments.