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Last year I was awarded a robotics grant that included quadcopters. The quadcopters are an inspiring component to our Engineering Technology class. As it turns out the quadcopters are difficult to fly. After some research I have found a “trainer.” Most of the articles I read suggest beginner quadcopter pilots start with smaller more flight-stable multirotor version. These smaller quadcopter versions can be “bound” to the same transmitters we use for the larger quadcopters. While students hone their piloting skills with the small quadcopters they will be building the fine motor skills with the transmitters needed to fly the larger more difficult quadcopters successfully.

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I have a few objectives by adding smaller quadcopters to my Engineering Technology program. First, I believe the quadcopters inspire more students to try the Engineering Technology class. Second, the student will have greater success as drone pilots. Third, once students have found success they will be more likely to continue taking engineering technology classes allowing me to develop a more advanced drone pilot program. Finally, students will be engaged in reading and following directions from technical manuals and literature allowing them to improve their technical reading skills.

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First, more students wanting to enrol in the Engineering Technology classes. Second, more students competently flying quadcopters. Third, I will be able to build a higher level quadcopter piloting unit. Finally, having more students take the mechatronics class at Sierra College.

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I have three main components to my Engineering Technology class. One component is robotic building and programing, another component is soldering electronic and robots and the last component is drone piloting. The small quadcopters will greatly enhance the drone piloting unit and they will help establish a more advanced drone piloting component to upper level Engineering Technology classes.  

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This grant ties to the PLC in a few ways. The students will develop and improve their technical manual and direction reading, they will improve their fine motor skills in operating and maintaining the quadcopters and they will be engaged in a possible career development program.

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