Spark Imagination and Active Play

Grant Applicant
Jen McMaster
Grant Co-applicants
All Tahoe Lake Staff
School Site
Tahoe Lake Elementary
Grant Category
Life Skills & Health
Grant Date
Description (10 points)

Research has proven that children who get adequate amounts of physical activity are more able to learn and focus on academic tasks. The goal of this grant is to increase the options that student have for activity, and to also spark imagination and support engineering.  In addition to increasing academic achievement, active/hands-on learning supports students social development and ability to interact positively with peers.  The primary goal of this grant is to bring Imagination Big Blocks to our common spaces.  The Imagination Blocks are large, foam pieces that 'provide children the opportunity to engage in open-ended, imaginative learning and problem solving. Earlier this year, we hosted a science assembly (STEAM assembly) with several hands on stations. One of the favorites was building an arch with similar large foam blocks. It required teamwork and creativity and besides the robot it was the favorite activity of the day. 

Benefits of Program (10 points)

If this grant is funded, we will have more resources for students to engage in developmentally appropriate activity that sparks the imagination and supports collaboration and positive peer interactions.  The increased activity and positive team-working will lend to increased focus and attention in the classroom.  

Success of Program (10 points)

Success of program will be measured by amount of use in classes and in common area, and in student ability to apply engineering and teamwork skills to building with the big blocks.

Implementation (10 points)

All items will be available for classes to sign up to use and available for use in the common area during down time.

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

These resources will be available to all students and staff at Tahoe Lake.

All items will be used for multiple years and carefully stored to extend life.
Amount Funded
Individual Budget Items(s)
$4975 - Imagination Playground Big Blocks- 105 piece
$0 -
$1200 - Imagination Blocks Storage Cart
Budget Notes

Other than the Imagination Blocks, all items will be purchased from Amazon and have no shippping cost.

Other funding sources

None available at this time.