STEMscope Science Literature

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Cathy Tsaniff
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Donner Trail Elementary School is requesting books to support reading for information, reading fluency, and writing as part of our Multi-age science and environmental curriculum aligned with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Currently, our science literature is limited to FOSS (prior District curriculum) that does not adequately support NGSS. We would like to purchase several information books, that are recommended by the STEMscopes program, to provide background knowledge and resources for research and investigations.  

Benefits of Program (10 points)

All students at Donner Trail Elementary School (grades K-5) will benefit from nonfiction literature. We plan to purchase books that are recommended by the STEMscopes program for each grade level.

Success of Program (10 points)

The STEMscope program incorporates several levels of evaluation and assessments throughout each scope. Students will produce written claims and responses to different scenarios that require various forms of supporting evidence, including listening to and reading non-fictional materials. There are also several hands-on activities that allow teachers to use formative assessments throughout the curriculum. The nonfiction literature will support student discovery and documentation of their evidence.

Implementation (10 points)

We have already implemented STEMscopes in our curriculum. We believe the books requested in the grant will help support student learning as well as reading comprehension and fluency.


The books purchased for our science material will remain in our classroom libraries and be used for several years to support science, student interests, reading comprehension and ready fluency.
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Donner Trail has 3 mixed grade classrooms: K-1, 2-3 and 4-5. The funds received will be allocated evenly to each classroom. However, students of all age groups will have access to all materials that support individual learning levels.

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Estimated budget is for literature to be used in targeted scopes. Not all book on list attached below will be purchased with this grant.

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