Supplemental Reading Materials for Cold Stream Alternative

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Carey Parlette
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Cold Stream Alternative
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This grant will provide $1000 for the 2019-20 school year to buy supplemental reading materials for English, Social Studies, and science classes offered through Cold Stream Alternative. This program serves students in TTUSD from 6-12 grade, either attending full-time or partially enrolled, supplementing classes at any of the middle and high schools in the district. Our population served each year ranges from 80-100 total student contacts. The reading materials are updated constantly to address curricular needs for Language Arts classes ranging from 6-12th grade, AP Literature and AP composition as well as all Social Studies and science classes spanning grades 6-12. Each year we try to update our library to include the latest titles in Young Adult literature, historical fiction, and non-fiction as well as respond to individual student requests to create a sustained interest and inquisitiveness in reading and the world around them and to foster the love for the tactile experience of reading books.

Benefits of Program (10 points)

The benefits provided from these funds are many. One is the ability to keep our classes current, relevant, and individualized. The motivational aspect of allowing students choice in their inquiries and reading tastes is crucial. Some of the funds will be used to buy paperbacks that students can keep and annotate which is a crucial skill taught in all of our classes. Additionally, some students ask to keep their favorite books or loan them to friends and family members, which fosters a community of reading and education beyond the classroom setting. I especially love when parents decide to read a book with their students and use that discussion, connecting them to their student’s lives. With these extra monies, we are able to purchase extra copies to make this happen.

Success of Program (10 points)

Success in this program means finding the right book for the right student which will encourage them to be life long readers, and most fundamentally to enjoy the act of reading. Success is very clearly measurable when a student comes bursting through the door wanting to discuss what they are reading. Success sometimes means that books disappear from our shelves and circulate throughout the community.

Due to the generosity over the years from Excellence in Ed, we have built a library of supplementals that includes hundreds of books, and we strive to continue this accessibility for our students. We are a literally, a “1 room school house”, alternating between a classroom at NTHS and a portable behind the district office to serve our Truckee population without our own library, and these grants have contributed to our ability to make literacy the pinnacle of our school’s educational philosophy.

Implementation (10 points)

Depending on student interests, curricular choices of the staff, and professional resources needed, we order books through our administrative secretary as needed. There is usually a one week turn-around because Robin Redmond is extremely efficient. As our student population changes and varies throughout the year, this flexibility is necessary to address all of our students’ needs, making instruction more effective.

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

I can share this grant with Social Studies and science teachers. There are only four teachers in our school. I can share with English teachers from THS and NTHS as we meet regularly in our PLC's.

Yes, we would like funding in the future years; however, $1000 every two years seems to be adequate.
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$1000 - reading materials
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