TK Sensory Play Grant

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Jen Cilmi
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In our transitional kindergarten classrooms at Truckee Elementary, we teach students ages 4 and 5 for a full day program. Each day, we have students rotate through stations that include phonics, math, art, fine motor skills and creative play. One important station we would like to add is sensory play. Sensory play is beneficial for all of our students; it is a fun and open-ended way to explore and improve motor skills and whole language development with peers. This grant would allow us to include sensory play tables and tools to our classrooms. We would love to add a standing height sand table to each classroom, where students could use sand tools with either sand or rice. One of our classrooms would also like to add a light table, where students could explore and build with manipulatives like magna tiles on the table. 


Benefits of Program

This grant would benefit all the TK students at our school. Currently we have two classes, with 30 students. With California phasing to universal TK by August 2025, we are expecting the number of TK students to only continue to grow. 


Success of Program

This grant will enhance our classroom by offering students hands-on, sensory experiences that will allow them to explore several different types of materials. This would support the TK curriculum by introducing the 5 senses and giving opportunities for students to see, touch, hear, smell and taste. We would measure the success of these materials by observing the students in their hands on kinetic play time and then apply this knowledge to their lives outside of the classroom. 



We would immediately start using the materials in our classrooms; during stations and free play. 



Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

Considering the size of these tables, it would be very beneficial to have each classroom have their own for all the TK students to be able to use. 


Yes, this grant will be fully sustainable. We will keep the tables in our classrooms as well as the tools. We will have to buy rice and sand periodically, but we can do so out of our classroom funds.

Amount Funded
Individual Budget Items(s)
$656 - Contender Sand and Water Table - RTAContender Sand and Water Table - RTA (x2)
$250 - Sensory Activity Kids Table, Light Sandbox, PRE-K Education, Self-Education for Kids
$30 - Learning Resources Helping Hands Sensory Scoops, 4 Pieces, Ages 3+, fine Motor Skills, Sensory Toys (x2)
$38 - Constructive Playthings - EDX-147 Toys Translucent Pattern Blocks (x2)
$106 - Acorn to Oak Rainbow Stones Learning & Education Toys, Sensory Toys, Preschool Classroom Must Haves (x2)
$26 - edxeducation Transparent Letters and Numbers - Mini Jar - Colorful, Plastic Letters and Numbers (x2)
$24 - Learning Resources Sand & Water Fine Motor Set - 4 Pieces (x2)
$30 - Learning Resources Helping Hands Sensory Scoops, 4 Pieces
Other funding sources

Yes, I did and currently there are no district/site funds available for these items. 

  • One of our Tk classrooms already has a light table, and the benefits and joy that it brings the children is very apparent. We would like one for the second classroom as we see that it supports fine motor skills, cooperation, STEM, and addresses 2 of the 5 senses. 
  • Truckee Elementary school houses several programs, including the SPED program. Students from these programs often push into our classrooms and it is essential that we have sensory activities to meet their needs as well. These items would help us to meet the IEP goals for each of the students.