Upfront Magazine- District Social Science PLC

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Jessica Jacobs
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The Social Science District PLC (High School) is looking to supplement our curriculum at each high school site with the New York Times Upfront Magazine. Upfront is a collection of current events, as well as history-based articles, which allows students to build knowledge and skills in Social Studies and ELA. Upfront is aligned to core Social Science and ELA standards, and provides a digital package with each subscription. As a PLC, the Social Science Department feels that Upfront Magazine will be a great asset to our curriculum at each site. We are looking for a subscription during the 2018-2019 school year.

Benefits of Program (10 points)

Having subscribed to Upfront at THS in the past, we have found that the articles bring up important current issues and aid in academic discourse in class.  The students enjoy the "direct" information and images that correspond to the articles.  Upfront is a great supplemental tool to connect current and past issues.  The online edition is capable of differentiated instruction with reading level options for the articles.  

Success of Program (10 points)

The success is measured in multiple ways, engagement of students and increased literacy and academic discourse in the classroom.  

Implementation (10 points)

Students will be reading the magazine in class, or assigned articles to read at home.  They will be analyzing the political cartoons found in each issue.  As well as evaluating the arguments presented in the differing views/pro-con section of each issue.  

This is a one year subscription. The use and need will be evaluated after the first year.
Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

Yes, this will be a district-shared grant.  We are requesting enough copies so that each Social Science teacher will have one, then a class set to be shared by each department at each high school site.  The intent is that every Social Science student at each high school will be able to use the magazine.

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$1300 - Upfront Magazine Subscriptions
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We are looking for 3 subscriptions of 40 copies each.  Enough for each teacher to have a copy of the magazine, then a class set for each school site.  North Tahoe and Truckee High will each have their own subscription.  Cold Stream and Sierra High School will be sharing the third subscription.


Other funding sources

Measure A/Title I could be a possibility for a funding source.  Measure A/Title I funds are often used for other department needs.