Virtual Reality in the Classroom with Google Expeditions

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Ed Hilton
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VR in the Classroom - Bringing Learning to Life with Google Expeditions will provide rich, multimodal learning with virtual reality. With lessons aligned to the common core and through meeting the explicit district goal of using technology for transformative learning, Virtual Reality (VR) brings depth and immersive experiences to classroom instruction.


Benefits of Program (10 points)

The Google Expeditions platform also allows teachers to create VR content for their own lessons. Using VR, teachers are able to create experiences that move beyond the textbook and traditional learning modalities.Using VR, students will be able to experience lessons come to life through immersive video, audio, and movement through space. The Google Expeditions platform provides seamless access to places students may  never see.  By using VR, students are able to fully experience the location in three dimensions, including video and sound.  For example, a classroom studying Paris would be able to take a virtual tour of the Louvre Museum. The tour includes video, audio, high resolution photos of each artifact, and as students wear the Expeditions Headset, they actually feel as though they are walking through the museum - able to look closely at any artifact they are interested in.




Success of Program (10 points)

The success of VR in the Classroom will be assessed through the checkout and feedback protocol listed in “implementation” below. In addition, we will collect student feedback after using the Google Expeditions Kit regarding their experience of using VR for learning. Teachers will be able to report whether the VR in the Classroom program enabled them to meet and/or exceed lesson objectives and provided the deep learning experiences anticipated by the program objective.


Implementation (10 points)

The Google Expeditions Classroom Kit will be available for reservation and checkout from the Technology & Information Services department. Once a teacher reserves the kit, they will schedule time to meet with a member of the TIS team to be aware of the best practices regarding using the kit in their classroom and plan the lesson for which the kit will be used. After students complete the lesson, the teacher and the students will complete an online feedback form to respond to this modality of learning. The TIS department will work with teachers to understand the extent to which the program met learning and district objectives.

The TIS department will be able to evaluate the extent to which the prototype kit is utilized. When the current kit is not able to meet instructional demand for use in the classroom, additional kits could be purchased as needed. It is anticipated, after a successful prototype program, that a kit could be provided for each school to check out of the library and use.
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While I do not work with a specific grade level or subject area team, the nature of this grant allows it to be shared with any grade level or subject area team.

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TIS Department could provide the 5 additional devices if necessary, reducing cost to just under $11,000.