Linda Brown Fellows Award 2011-12

2011-2012 Fellows Award Recipients


Linda Brown Fellows recipients (left to right):  Nancy McNair, North Tahoe School; Peggy Heidelberger-Smith, North Tahoe High School; Carol Reed, Glenshire Elementary; Lissa Johnson, Glenshire Elementary; and Terrina Woodard, Glenshire Elementary.


Terrina Woodard – Glenshire Elementary

Some refer to Terrina Woodard as the “Kinder-Whisperer.” She is consistently nominated year after year by adoring family. However, this year she was selected for truly going above and beyond. She brought a sense of comfort and normalcy to a classroom, school and community who were experiencing heartbreak with a loss of a young friend and student. She gracefully navigated a kindergarten class, their families and a community through what was for so many, uncharted territory.


Peggy Heidelberger-Smith – North Tahoe High   School

Peggy is more than an art teacher. She is a mentor, counselor and role model and her extensive program is challenging and innovative. This year she and her students used old bikes to create imaginative public art sculptures in downtownTahoeCity. Peggy’s annualYosemitephoto trips are remarkable. And recently one of her students won first place in a national art competition.


Lissa Johnson – Glenshire Elementary

Nominated seven times for award, Lissa moves seamlessly between English and Spanish, encouraging all the children from all backgrounds equally. She utilizes her students’ strengths and weaknesses to further her research and understanding of best teaching practices. She recently received an Excellence in Education grant for movement centers that were used in the classroom, as well as in conjunction with a series of public workshops.


Nancy McNair – North Tahoe School

Nancy’s gentle yet strong demeanor in class, her intelligence and her unending quest to make math and science comprehensible make her the perfect middle school teacher.  Whether it is the games she makes up, the countless hours of tutoring, the solid way she conducts class, or her knowledge of the subject matter – she always seems to make math and science “easy peezy lemon squeezy.”


Carol Reed – Glenshire Elementary

Carol Reed has been nominated 9 times for the Linda Brown Fellows Award.  It has been said that she has a magical eye, and can see the good in anything and in anyone.  Carol has a phenomenal ability to bond with each student and learns their strengths and weaknesses, both academic and social-giving them each critical, individualized attention.  She can be tough and  doesn’t tolerate time wasting or above all-no robbing of someone else’s thinking.  However, despite being tough her students know how much she cares for them.   

2011-12 Fellows

  • Terrina Woodard, Glenshire Elementary
  • Lissa Johnson, Glenshire Elementary
  • Carol Reed, Glenshire Elementary
  • Nancy McNair, North Tahoe High
  • Peggy Heidleberger-Smith, North Tahoe High

2011-12 Stars

  • Nancy Welsh, Glenshire Elementary
  • Laura Walton, Tahoe Lake Elementary
  • Evelyn Foster, Truckee High School
  • Salvador Torres, Kings Beach Elementary
  • Blanca Covell, North Tahoe High School.