Linda Brown Fellows Award 2012-13

The Linda Brown Fellows Awards recognize TTUSD teachers who...

go above and beyond in fulfilling their potential as an educator and show exceptional merit or talent, provide truly outstanding academic programs, are extraordinarily innovative, and creative.


2012-2013 Fellows


2012-2013 Fellows Award Recipients

The 2012 -2013 Linda Brown Fellows Award winners, from left: Amalia Niewendorp, Truckee Elementary; Sherry BurnsSullivan, Truckee Elementary; Rita Moring, Tahoe Lake Elementary; and Jennifer Smith, Truckee High School. 


Fellows Award Recipients 2012-2013


Sherry BurnsSullivan, Truckee Elementary

Always an advocate of play-based, hands on learning, Truckee Elementary teacher Sherry BurnsSullivan incorporates “get your hands dirty” science and field trips, classical music, and plays to inspire her class on to “happy learning”.   She is a world traveler and shares her wealth of cultural literacy and knowledge with her students.  She is a leader in the district’s curriculum development.  She has been instrumental in interventions that changed the course of student’s lives.  She goes the extra mile.

Rita Moring, Tahoe Lake Elementary

Rita Moring is the poster girl for English Language Development (ELD)!  One of our district’s biggest successes has been at this teacher’s school with the meteoric API score rise of 26 points in one year.  Her goal has been to assure that students reach proficiency in English and she has achieved huge growth in redesignated and ELD students.  Her contributions extend beyond the classroom. A team player in every sense of the word, she is an active member of the district’s ELAC committee, the English learners PLC and connections to the families. 

Amalia Niewendorp, Truckee Elementary

Amalia Niewendorp, Truckee Elementary Kindergarten teacher, makes it personal for all of her students.  Students are greeted with boxes of books especially chosen for their reading levels with has enabled them to read mid-year of Kindergarten.  She creates a class of students that are community of learners who respect and love one another.  She helps with on Harvest of the Month, kindergarten projects and PTO.  She even returned to college to learn Spanish to help students and parents.

Jennifer Smith, Truckee High School

Special Education teacher, Jennifer Smith works with students who have a multitude of learning and physical difficulties.  She helps them develop occupational skills that allow special needs students to get into work environments such as the Humane Society and Thrift Store, which provide them with valuable real life experiences.  This teacher embodies the district’s mission of “EVERY STUDENT LEARNING EVERY DAY” as she ensures that her special needs students learn their 3R’s to an incredible degree.

2012-2013 Star Award Recipients

2012-2013 STAR


Star Recipients 2012-2013


Sergiu Balint, District Office

Sergiu Balint, Technology employee, is described as the “workhorse” of his department.  Everyone in the district benefits from his efforts including; students, staff and parents. His highly regarded technical skills have showcased our district as never before. TTUSD schools have updated and secured state of the art computer systems as well as websites because of him.  This has saved the district thousands of dollars.

Dawn Clifton, Truckee Elementary

Everyone who works with Dawn Clifton, custodian for Truckee Elementary, appreciates her trademark generosity, willingness to take on every tasks and her respect toward all.  Of special note is the proactive and willing role she took in herGreenSchoolinitiative dedicating many hours of free time to benefit the program.  Even community groups and the PTO remark on her professionalism and competence.  As one nominator beautifully states, “She is one of the bright stars lighting our school.”

Vicki Edelstein, Kings Beach Elementary

Many teachers came forward to give accolades to Vicki Edelstein, Kings Beach Elementary third grade teacher, for her very effective teaching techniques, precision, organization, and academic creativity in the classroom.  She promises that the student she works with WILL know their letters, sounds and pals.  They WILL read - and she delivers on this promise. After 23 years in our district, students and parents praise her for her devoted commitment.

Donna Marshman, Truckee Elementary

As the office went from 5 people being responsible for getting it done down to 2 people, Donna Marshman, Administrative Secretary of Truckee Elementary School, stepped up her already incredible pace to ensure the job got done.  She manages school wide finances, orders supplies, handles all of the traffic through the school office, takes care of sick and bruised children and even takes care of overworked and stressed staff.  Her generosity and the positive attitude are displayed daily in every situation. 

Luise Reith, Transportation

Each day Luise Reith, bus driver for TTUSD, greets each and every student by name.  Lost and forgotten items are returned to children cheerfully even when it’s a daily occurrence.  Every holiday the bus is decorated and every day the bus is welcoming.  Students can’t wait to get onboard to say “HI” to their friend, Luise.  This year she even entered the bus in the Snowfest Parade and all of the kids cheered out the windows.



2012-13 Fellows

  • Sherry BurnsSullivan, Truckee Elementary
  • Rita Moring, Tahoe Lake Elementary
  • Amalia Niewendorp, Truckee Elementary
  • Jennifer Smith, Truckee High School

2012-13 Stars

  • Vicki Edelstein, Kings Beach Elementary
  • Dawn Clifton, Truckee Elementary
  • Sergiu Balint, District Technology
  • Luise Reith, Transportation
  • Donna Marshman, Truckee Elementary