Linda Brown Fellows Award 2013-14

The Linda Brown Fellows Awards recognize TTUSD teachers who...

go above and beyond in fulfilling their potential as an educator and show exceptional merit or talent, provide truly outstanding academic programs, are extraordinarily innovative, and creative.

Nominations are reviewed and selected by a committee. Recipients of the Linda Brown Fellow (certificated staff) and Star (classified staff) awards each receive a $1,000 personal cash award. Additionally, the Linda Brown Fellow recipients each receive a $2,000 grant to be used for academic purposes.  The award presentation is made at the TTUSD back to school "convocation" staff event in August.  All nominees, regardless of being selected or not, receive a copy of their nominations. Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge the exceptional educators in our school district. 



2013-2014 Fellows Award Recipients

The 2013 -2014 Linda Brown Fellows Award winners, from left: Joni Adomshick, Alder Creek Middle School; Jean Fournier, Glenshire Elementary School; Erin Smith, Glenshire Elementary School; Theresa Charter, Glenshire Elementary School Nicole Sayegh, District Office 


Joni Adomshick from Alder Creek Middle School has been repeatedly described as having tremendous impact on her students and their families- both academically and emotionally since 1997. Her “never give up attitude” and countless hours of dedication led her to introduce a new intervention program to the middle school called “Why Try” which encourages students to set goals, face peer pressure and make better decisions.


Erin Smith from Glenshire Elementary School has been inspiring students for decades. One of her Fellows nominations came in from a parent who had Mrs. Smith as a teacher almost 20 years ago! She is known for running a tight ship and she has the ability to inspire a personal commitment from students to do their very best.


Teresa Charter from Glenshire Elementary School love of teaching can be seen and felt the minute you enter her first grade classroom.  As one parent wrote, “Truly one of this teacher’s greatest gifts is that she finds the positive in everything and everyone”. From uncovering hidden music skills, bolstering lagging self esteem or helping break a thumb sucking habit Teresa does it all.


Jean Fournier of Glenshire Elementary has an extremely eclectic set of skills – technology, science, GATE and arts – she seems to cover it all!   As one parent wrote, “complacency is not an option for her students”. In an effort to increase students’ opportunities for creativity and critical thinking, she was one of the pioneers of our local Odyssey of the Mind program and has made it possible for many teams from our area to participate and compete both regionally and statewide.     


Nicole Sayegh – District EL Coordinator Each year she charts the progress of over 800 English Language (E.L.)  students in reading, writing and speaking and shares that progress with the student’s teacher.  Recently she spent time in E.L. classrooms teaching every secondary E.L. student how to track their own achievement progress.   In one of the most challenging areas of our educational system, Nicole inspires students, parents and teachers to reach new heights. 

2013-2014 Star Award Recipients

Star Recipients
The 2013-2014 Star Award recipients, from left: Jessica Alb, District Office.; Robin Redmond, Sierra High School; Phil Mix, Transportation; Cristine Goldman, Kings Beach Elementary and Cindi Friedli, District Office (Cristine and Cindi not pictured) 

Cindi Friedli of the District Office is loved for her dedication, compassion, support and friendship to all she interacts with along with her “can do” attitude and willingness to go the extra mile. She is described as someone who’s “special care demonstrates a true devotion and interest in children and their education."

Phil Mix from Transportation drives the Donner Summit bus route daily with patience, skill and good humor. This stretch of road is not for the faint hearted as it is often met with strong winds, sideways snow, road closures and anxious passengers.  Phil is so competent at his task that one parent wrote, “On storm days we made a conscious decision to send our children on the bus because we felt they would be much safer than in our own car."

Cris Goldman from Kings Beach Elementary is a longtime veteran of the district.  Chris is the assistant to the resource program, speech and language, as well as bilingual programs.  As an instructional aide, she has developed a spelling program that is very effective in remediation.  And, as a bilingual educator, she is the “go to” person for communication with parents.

Jessica Alb from the District Office is the administrator for District Education Services. Jessica’s daily tasks include supporting teacher trainings, teacher meetings, community gatherings and student events. She makes and maintains positive relationships with county and state level educators as well as administrators, parents and students. She volunteers to tutor students outside of her work hours, works with Project MANA, advised the La Raza Club at the high school and volunteers at homeless shelters.

Robin Redmond from Sierra High School is the administrative assistant at Sierra High and she also spends time helping in less traditional ways.  She is often found preparing breakfast and cleaning up at school, helping pregnant girls and toddlers every day and even consoles despairing teens. Students know Robin is both caring and compassionate.


2013-14 Fellows

  • Joni Adomshick, Alder Creek Middle School
  • Theresa Charter, Glenshire Elementary
  • Jean Fournier, Glenshire Elementary
  • Nicole Sayegh, District Office
  • Erin Smith, Glenshire Elementary 

2013-14 Stars

  • Jessica Alb, District Office
  • Robin Redmond, Sierra High School
  • Phil Mix, Transportation
  • Cristine Goldman, Kings Beach Elementary
  • Cindi Friedli, District Office