Every year, the Linda Brown Fellows and Star Awards recognizes and rewards exceptional teachers and classified (non-teaching) staff in the Tahoe Truckee Unified School District.
Nominated by parents, teachers, students and members of the community, the Linda Brown Fellows Award is presented to teachers who demonstrate creativity, exceptional merit, dedication to innovation, and a commitment to making learning exciting every day. 
Star Awards recognize classified staff members who go above and beyond to provide truly outstanding support. 
Nominations are reviewed and recipients are selected by a committee.
Recipients of the Linda Brown Fellows (certificated staff) and Star (classified staff) Awards each receive $1,000 for their personal use. Additionally, Linda Brown Fellows recipients each receive a $2,000 grant for educational enhancement.

2020-2021 Linda Brown Fellows Award

  • Renee Arington, North Tahoe School
  • Dana Adams, Sierra High School/Glenshire Elementary
  • Jesse Steele, Truckee High School
  • Devin Ginty, North Tahoe High School
  • Sue Lowder, Truckee High School
  • Stacey Rodarte, Truckee Elementary School

2020-2021 Star Awards

  • Marcy Schreiber, North Tahoe School 
  • Cindy Freeman, North Tahoe High School 
  • Elvia Esparza Lopez, District-Wide
  • Maria Torres, Truckee Elementary School
Fellows Awards
Renee Arington

Past Linda Brown and Star Fellows Award Recipients

2018 -2019 Linda Brown Fellows recipients:

  • Chris Valentino, Special Education
  • David Steakley, NTHS
  • Jill Zapata, SHS
  • Rebecca Maas, Technology
  • Britne Fertitta, KBE.

2018 -2019 Star Award recipients:

  • Amanda Karvonen, STEPP
  • Charlene Desler, NTS
  • Jesus Soto, SHS/DT
  • Claudine Kratz, TLE
  • Patricia Virrey, ACMS

2017-18 Linda Brown Fellows Award recipients:

  • Yvonne Logan, Kings Beach Elementary
  • Val Fletcher, Sierra High School
  • Craig Rowe, Truckee High School
  • Sydney Dion, Alder Creek Middle School
  • Claudia Waters, Glenshire Elementary
  • Molly Holiday, Kings Beach Elementary

2017-18 Star Award recipients

  • Annie Lane, Kings Beach Elementary
  • Malissa Cruz, Sierra High School
  • Jerry Verkler, Transportation

2016-17 Fellows Award Recipients

  • Mike Pyle, Truckee El.
  • Diane Laroche, Truckee HS
  • Jenni Dewald, Truckee El. (now Alder Creek MS)
  • Marnie Anderson, Tahoe Lake El.
  • Jessica Darkenwald, Kings Beach El.
  • Tom LeFevers, North Tahoe HS


2016-17 Star Award Recipients

  • Lynda Burks, TTUSD Workability Program
  • Frank Godoy, Tahoe Lake El.
  • Kristi Hoffman, Tahoe Lake El.
  • Rebecca Gordon, North Tahoe HS

2015-16 Fellows

  • Laura DesLauriers, District Ski Academy
  • Brienne Lopez, Alder Creek MS
  • Dean Nordby, North Tahoe HS
  • Jamey Hinkle, North Tahoe School

2015-16 Stars

  • Catherine Larkins, Alder Creek MS
  • Janine Davies, Transportation
  • Lynn Thomas, Alder Creek MS
  • Cattarina Teles, Alder Creek MS
  • Ryan Glenn, Kings Beach El.

2014-15 Fellows

  • Dave Goggin, Tahoe Lake El.
  • Rachel Koles, Alder Creek MS
  • Betsy Redmond, Alder Creek MS
  • Katie Jamison, North Tahoe School
  • Suzanne Beye, Tahoe Lake El.
  • Lisa Abrahams, District Nurse

2014-15 Stars

  • Lindy Astrup, Alder Creek MS
  • Leo Guerrero, Truckee El.
  • Bert Alcaraz-Ochoa, North Tahoe HS
  • Mariela Bolanos, North Tahoe School
  • Evelyn Manetta, Truckee El.

2013-14 Fellows

  • Joni Adomshick, Alder Creek Middle School
  • Theresa Charter, Glenshire Elementary
  • Jean Fournier, Glenshire Elementary
  • Nicole Sayegh, District Office
  • Erin Smith, Glenshire Elementary 

2013-14 Stars

  • Jessica Alb, District Office
  • Robin Redmond, Sierra High School
  • Phil Mix, Transportation
  • Cristine Goldman, Kings Beach Elementary
  • Cindi Friedli, District Office

2012-13 Fellows

  • Sherry BurnsSullivan, Truckee Elementary
  • Rita Moring, Tahoe Lake Elementary
  • Amalia Niewendorp, Truckee Elementary
  • Jennifer Smith, Truckee High School

2012-13 Stars

  • Vicki Edelstein, Kings Beach Elementary
  • Dawn Clifton, Truckee Elementary
  • Sergiu Balint, District Technology
  • Luise Reith, Transportation
  • Donna Marshman, Truckee Elementary

2011-12 Fellows

  • Terrina Woodard, Glenshire Elementary
  • Lissa Johnson, Glenshire Elementary
  • Carol Reed, Glenshire Elementary
  • Nancy McNair, North Tahoe High
  • Peggy Heidleberger-Smith, North Tahoe High

2011-12 Stars

  • Nancy Welsh, Glenshire Elementary
  • Laura Walton, Tahoe Lake Elementary
  • Evelyn Foster, Truckee High School
  • Salvador Torres, Kings Beach Elementary
  • Blanca Covell, North Tahoe High School.

2010-11 Fellows

  • Scott Beaudry, Tahoe Lake Elementary
  • Mary Berelson, Glenshire Elementary
  • Patti McCaffrey, Truckee High School
  • Kathy Muonio, Kings Beach Elementary
  • Michelle Reed, Donner Trail Elementary

2010-11 Stars

  • Rondi Rembert, Donner Trail Elementary
  • Laurie Adams, North Tahoe Elementary
  • Brenda Coronado, Glenshire Elementary
  • Cindy Maciel, Sierra High School
  • Margi Englert, Truckee Elementary

2009-10 Fellows

  • Abbie Stewart, Kings Beach Elementary
  • Dana Hurt, Kings Beach Elementary
  • Reina Markheim, Glenshire Elementary
  • Shauna Gilberti, North Tahoe Middle School
  • Debra Spohr, District Counselor

2009-10 Stars

  • Nestor Valdivia, Alder Creek Middle School
  • Patty Cardoza, Truckee High School
  • Sue Salas, Special Education District Administrator
  • Humberto Alcarez-Ochoa, North Tahoe High School

2008-09 Fellows

  • Claire Boyle, Tahoe Lake Elementary
  • Candy Blesse, Truckee Elementary
  • Mike Depew, Community School
  • Sue Mock, Alder Creek Middle School
  • Karen Pilaar, Glenshire Elementary

2008-09 Stars

  • Clemente Sarabia, Truckee High School
  • Chris White, Truckee High School
  • Deed Verutti, Tahoe Lake Elementary
  • Marci Calderon, Kings Beach Elementary
  • Maggie Bockius, Glenshire Elementary
  • Lindee Eckert, North Tahoe Middle School
  • Mike Franey, Truckee Elementary
  • Dave Green, Truckee High School
  • Julie Miescke, Kings Beach Elementary
  • Monika Bock, Kings Beach Elementary
  • Emily Hart, Kings Beach Elementary
  • Hien Larson, Alder Creek Middle School
  • Patricia Stonick, Sierra High School
  • Kim Warren, Truckee Elementary
  • Diana Whitten, Truckee High School