Grant Procedures and Guidelines

The 2024 Spring Grant Cycle opens February 12. Applicants will be notified in June if their grant is awarded. 
  • The grant portal is generally open mid-February through the end of March. 
  • Grants are submitted by TTUSD staff and parents (parents must have a staff member as a co-writer of the grant). 
  • Applicants must review and adhere to the Grant Checklist.
  • Without exception, all grants are to be signed by the administrator of the school site.
  • Site Councils review and prioritize the grants to be submitted to their site.
  • Grants are reviewed by TTEEF board members from the Allocations and Site Liaison Committees.
  • Grants are awarded on an individual basis regardless of grade level and academic area, the frequency of submissions from a particular site, or the total dollars requested at each site.
  • The entire Excellence in Education Board votes to approve grants recommended by the above committees.
  • Overall project goal.
  • Degree the project/program directly engages students.
  • Sustainability of the project/program without the need for long-term funding.
  • The project/program’s scope of impact.
  • Emphasis on common core standards and district-wide initiatives.
  • Degree to which the project/program is able to measure its success through either objective or subjective means.
  • Excellence in Education will consider consumable items tied to the curriculum (i.e., Foss Kits, art supplies, and magazine subscriptions) at a maximum of $500 per class.
  • Excellence in Education partnered with TTUSD to provide Chromebook computers for all students. We do not fund additional requests for classroom sets of alternative computers or iPads.  Computers or hardware supporting or accompanying a specific program or software request will be considered. 
  • We acknowledge that some grant requests fall into a “gray area.” Please contact your site liaison or Excellence in Education directly to get clarification. 
We generally do not fund the following:
  • Basic classroom furniture (desks and chairs)
  • Extracurricular activities and clubs
  • Field trips
  • Individual student scholarships (other than McGinity EEF Scholarship)
  • Salaries, stipends, or payment for services
  • Reimbursed items
  • Grants not ranked by the school site or site council
  • Travel expenses
  • Playground structures
Once grants are awarded they will be sent to the TTUSD office for disbursement. Grant recipients have until the end of TTUSD’s fiscal year to spend the funds. Requests for time extensions must be submitted in writing to Excellence in Education for approval. Should a grant not be utilized or the funds not fully spent, the funds are returned to Excellence in Education to be used for future grants. All grants become the property of TTUSD and the awarded site. Should a grant recipient leave a site or transfer to another site, the grant remains at the originally awarded site.