Linda Brown Fellows Award 2010-11


2010-2011 Fellows Award Recipients


Linda Brown Fellows recipients (left to right):  Patti McCaffrey, Truckee High School; Kathy Muonio, Kings Beach Elementary; Scott Beaudry, North Tahoe Elementary; Mary Berelson, Glenshire Elementary and Michelle Reed, Donner Trail Elementary.


Mary Berelson, Glenshire Elementary School

A peer of Mary Berelson’s says “it is a lucky child indeed who finds themselves a member of this teacher’s classroom.”  Students in her classroom can count on learning a variety of things from the real world -- from cooking latkes, to interacting with snails and roly-polys.  With her expertise in Brain Gym, her students also benefit from learning through movement and plenty of wiggling.

However, one of Ms. Berelson’s greatest gifts is that she knows precisely when a child needs a helping hand and, conversely, when a child needs a teacher to step back and let them spread their own wings.  Indeed, she has helped many children learn to fly.


Scott Beaudry, North Tahoe School

One nominator said Scott Beaudry is a “relentless in the pursuit of excellence in teaching.” As a classroom teacher, Mr. Beaudry provided a demanding curriculum to his primarily English language learners and brought those same high expectations to his current technology position.  In turn, science scores at his site have grown exponentially since he blended science standards into his tech lessons. 

Mr. Beaudry coached students on the creation of cutting edge technology projects, including the basics of blogging and how to use the web for research and presentations.  With a grant from the Excellence in Education, Mr. Beaudry implemented the Lexia computer program, which helped monitor and increase reading scores at his site and others.


Michelle Reed, Donner Trail Elementary School

In Michelle Reed’s Donner Trail classroom, students experience character enrichment as well as educational and emotional development. One parent said Ms. Reed is more than a teacher to the children and that she “embodies the devotion we value so highly in our prized teachers.”

As a science and environmental enthusiast, this creative teacher put together a science day at her site where students of all grades learn and experience the natural surroundings around their school including investigating water quality, temperatures and clarity.


Kathy Munio, Kings Beach Elementary School

Kathy Munio has a magical way of connecting with every student in her classroom academically, socially and spiritually. Her spirit is infectious around school.

Using drama as a of language acquisition model, she spurs students to be proficient in reading, writing and speaking in two languages, which in turn strengthens the cultural bridge at her site. She also worked with a local drama teacher to obtain a grant for eight-week long drama sessions for all lakeside 1st and 2nd graders. Ms. Munio works with the most reticent learners and turns them into success stories, helping them develop a sense of pride as well as ownership of their education.


Patti McCaffrey, Truckee High School

Patti McCaffrey has a long history with TTUSD, including special education, psychology, social studies, cooking and special day classes at both lakeside andTruckeeschools. Her roles have changed many times over the years and she always takes it in stride…and excels!

Her efforts with the special day students have been remarkable.  With the help of community volunteers, her students have not been limited, but rather engaged in skiing, hiking, shopping, sports and drama.  Ms. McCaffrey helps to develop students’ skills and abilities, which raises their confidence and self-esteem.

2010-11 Fellows

  • Scott Beaudry, Tahoe Lake Elementary
  • Mary Berelson, Glenshire Elementary
  • Patti McCaffrey, Truckee High School
  • Kathy Muonio, Kings Beach Elementary
  • Michelle Reed, Donner Trail Elementary

2010-11 Stars

  • Rondi Rembert, Donner Trail Elementary
  • Laurie Adams, North Tahoe Elementary
  • Brenda Coronado, Glenshire Elementary
  • Cindy Maciel, Sierra High School
  • Margi Englert, Truckee Elementary