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Danielle Beymer
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The objective of this grant is to obtain engineering, math, handwriting, and Spanish language materials that students can use upon entering the classroom in the morning to interact, create, problem solve, and learn with their peers. The materials require students to actively work together in small groups and will immediately support connection with each other, the teacher, and learning. The engineering materials will require students to design, test, and build together. The math materials will help support the first grade CCSS math standards with group games and hands-on activities. The handwriting activities will include materials that support fine motor development, which is necessary for first grade learning. This is a critical area of development currently, in an era when interaction with tablets and phones has supplanted many of the traditional childhood fine-motor activities of the past. The Spanish language activities will provide additional phonics and academic vocabulary support, necessary for reading and writing development. Therefore, the purpose of these developmentally appropriate morning activity tubs is two-fold: 1) All of the activities will align with our first grade Spanish language arts, math or science engineering standards and 2) they will provide an opportunity for students to connect with each other and their teacher in a creative and engaging way to help meet their social-emotional needs.


Benefits of Program

All of our first grade students this year and for years to come will benefit daily from the morning activity tubs. Research shows when children have the opportunity to play together it lays the foundation for later interactions in the world. The activity bins will create a structured setting where children can play with one another and practice the skills necessary for positive social interactions, while supporting the content standards we address in first grade. Many of our students do not have home access to a majority of these materials nor do they experience enough opportunities to play, interact, and problem solve with peers. These activity bins will give them this experience every day they come to school.  In our classrooms, we work on respecting our learning environment and being responsible for our materials, so the materials will be cared for and will be used by many Kings Beach Elementary first grade students for many years.


Success of Program

Success for this program will be clear when students are excited to enter the classroom daily to begin the morning activity. We will see students engaging in conversation with one another, laughing together, and learning with their peers. They will also have the opportunity to check-in with their classroom teacher so they are ready to begin their day of learning. We also expect that students will attain skills to help support academic conversations, such as listening, clarifying and paraphrasing. They will learn to problem solve together and identify as a collaborative team. Through the handwriting activities, we will see student fine motor strength improve as evidenced by better letter formation, and cutting and coloring abilities. Beginning every school day with quality and engaging activities sets a positive tone for the learning day ahead. 



As soon as we receive the materials, we will separate them into the tubs by activity and subject. Each teacher will have her own set of materials for her class. Then, each morning one bin will be placed on every table for that table group to use for 8-10 minutes during the morning activity time. Students will clean up and return all materials to the bins once the morning meeting begins. The bins will rotate throughout the week so that students are exposed to and use all the materials on a rotating schedule. Throughout the week, the materials could be used to additionally support instruction as necessary.


Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

This grant is intended for all of the first grade classes. The materials will be distributed and shared among the first grade classrooms. The classroom teachers will use them daily so all first grade students will benefit from their use.


This grant will be fully sustainable if funded and the materials will last many years.
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$1463 - SEE ATTACHED LIST-1 list per classroom x 3 classrooms
Other funding sources

When our district’s schools closed to comply with state COVID19 prevention measures, we sent home a lot of non-consumable curriculum, as well as hundreds of chromebooks and iPads. At this point we can assume that our site budget is going to be used to recover many of these items, in addition to a variety of unforeseen needs related to the pandemic. Our PTO budget will probably be smaller, due to the current economic downturn. At the same time, Dr. Leri has forecasted that the district will provide less funding for basic classroom supplies, so we will have to draw on our PTO even more. At this point, Excellence in Ed is a resource we are grateful for as we try to support our students’ return to school after this crisis. 


File Uploads

The budget is based off the attached Amazon Wishlist multiplied by three. One list represents a set for one classroom, costing $487.53. There are three 1st grade classrooms included in this grant. Shipping is estimated using Amazon's shipping policy.