To date, Excellence in Education has funded more than $3 million in grants supporting local education. Grant monies support programs that are specifically designed to promote student interest in learning, to give students hands-on learning experiences, and to encourage quality academic performance. Search here by year, keyword or school site to see what grants have been funded over the years.

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Search by Keyword
Grant Date Title School Site Amount Funded
2018 Newbery Reader Challenge Sierra Expeditionary Learning School $588
2018 Modern molecular biology and biotechnology in the high school biology classroom North Tahoe High School $2,848
2018 Privacy Shields Alder Creek Middle School $192
2018 Noise Cancelling Headphones Alder Creek Middle School $1,310
2018 Lexia Core 5 Individualized Reading Support Truckee Elementary $6,800
2018 Literacy for Primary and Developing Readers Truckee Elementary $1,711
2018 Brain Break Boxes North Tahoe High School $2,500
2018 Emergency Response Class B Uniforms Sierra High School $440
2018 New Hockey Sticks and foam protectors for NTHS PE North Tahoe High School $2,065
2018 Social Emotional Learning Kings Beach Elementary $241
2018 The Great States Report Sierra Expeditionary Learning School $475
2018 Virtual Reality Expansion District-wide $22,000
2018 Qball for All! Sierra Expeditionary Learning School $1,841
2018 Living History Kings Beach Elementary $500
2018 Newsela PRO for 3rd and 4th grades Tahoe Lake Elementary $750
2018 Heartmath Stations Glenshire Elementary $3,000
2018 Readers are Leaders! Leveled books for Special Education Classroom Truckee Elementary $891
2018 STEM in the classroom Truckee Elementary $1,139
2018 Q Balls for Academic Discourse Tahoe Lake Elementary $558
2018 Sources of Strength at Sierra High School Sierra High School $530
2018 Visual and Tactile Realia: Spanish Alphabet Tubs Kings Beach Elementary $1,947
2018 Social Skills Curriculum Resources Truckee Elementary $1,020
2018 Science Supplies Tahoe Lake Elementary $868
2018 Glenshire Totem Pole Revitalization and New Art Installation Glenshire Elementary $0
2018 Creating Enthusiastic Middle School Readers Sierra Expeditionary Learning School $481
2018 International Space Station Above for Donner Trail Elementary Donner Trail Elementary $337
2018 Classroom Novel Sets for Donner Trail 4th and 5th Grade Yuba Students Donner Trail Elementary $631
2018 Scholastic Let's Find Out Readers Truckee Elementary $690
2018 Digital Cameras in the Classroom Glenshire Elementary $730