4th Grade Indigenous Feast and Festival/Living History

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The fourth grade puts on our big indigenous feast and festival every fall. During this part of the school year, students learn all about the indigenous tribes of California. For our feast and festival, students rotate through indigenous games, and at the end, we have a big feast. One station involves using a bow and arrow to try to hit a target. Students play the stave game and bone game. They also run relay races and try to throw a spear through a moving target.

Living history takes place in the spring. Students begin by line dancing for their parents. They learn how to line dance in PE. Then, similar to our feast and festival, students rotate through stations. They learn how to make candles, do leather making, and make corn husk dolls, to name a few of our stations.  

Benefits of Program

Both of these activities are hands-on, fun, and engaging for our students. They directly connect with our social studies standards. 

Success of Program

This grant would enhance our classroom because it will provide hands-on learning opportunities for our students. Any time we can make an activity hands-on, it increases student participation and understanding of social studies standards. 


Our big indigenous feast and festival takes place in the fall and directly aligns with our social studies unit on the tribes of California. Living History takes place in the spring when we learn why settlers moved west. 

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

Yes! This grant would be shared with my grade level team. 

Most of the items we've requested funding for are sustainable and will be used year after year.
Amount Funded
Individual Budget Items(s)
$60 - Bow and Arrows
$100 - Leather Strip Cord
$150 - Candle Wax
$150 - Cornhusks
$300 - Candle Making Pots
$30 - Candle Wicks
$100 - Leather Craft Stamping Tools
$45 - Leather Punch Tools
$100 - Rubber Mallets
$50 - Mouse Pads
$75 - Aluminium Metal Sheets
$30 - Cat's Cradle
$30 - Beads
$200 - Wooden Cutting Boards
$100 - Hammers
$75 - Fabric
$4 -
Other funding sources

Since site funds are tight, we thought Excellence in Education Grants would be a good source of funding.


Thank you for your consideration!