5th Grade Classroom Libraries (for 3 classrooms)

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Gretel Vargas
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The purpose of this grant is to request funds for purchasing classroom reading libraries for the three 5th grade classes at Glenshire Elementary School. The existing classroom libraries currently have some new and high interest books mixed in with outdated books that students always pass up. The goal of this grant is to purchase high interest, updated books for all three of the Glenshire 5th grade classrooms. 

Benefits of Program

The motto for Glenshire Elementary is students love to read and read to achieve. As this vision becomes more of a reality with each new year, it is essential that there are new and inviting books available for the 5th grade students to read. Classroom libraries are beneficial because they are available all day for students, and a class library can stock books that are an excellent fit for 5th grade students in terms of interest, reading level, and content.

Success of Program

The 5th grade teaching team is already experiencing great success in growing reading enthusiasm through our current classroom libraries. Students are actively recommending books to each other, and there is a line up list of students waiting to read the first books in several new series that they are all excited about. The books purchased with this grant have been selected in collaboration with the Glenshire School Librarian to maximize student reading and best utilize existing book resources at the school site.


The three 5th grade classroom libraries will be updated as soon as funds become available. The ideal goal is to purchase the classroom library books through Word After Word, to support our local business. Word after Word offers bulk discounts, as well as teacher discounts for school purchases.

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

The books selected for the 5th grade classroom libraries will be purchased for the grade level team, so each book title will be purchased as a set of at least three. This will update all three class libraries and will ensure equal access to quality books for all of the Glenshire 5th graders.

This grant will be sustainable in the sense that each book will be used for multiple years. However, the goal of creating an updated and appealing classroom library will best be achieved with adding some new books to the collection every few years.
Amount Funded
Individual Budget Items(s)
$2100 - $700 per class for new books, although any grant amount is much APPRECIATED for our classroom libraries.
Other funding sources

There are not district or site funds available to upgrade classroom libraries. It is possible for teachers to utilize classroom funds (fundraised in the fall from the Eaglewalk), but this money typically runs out quickly during the school year.

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Thank you very much for considering this grant request. We are so excited to offer our students new and motivating book titles.