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Natalia Tomasello
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Description of the Program

The Alder Creek Middle School Band program serves 6th, 7th and 8th grade students. The program includes beginning band, concert band and jazz band. Every year, students from this program perform multiple times in the school year. Each performance includes new repertoire that advances in difficulty and development. Various instruments are offered in Concert Band and Jazz Band. Our program includes: flutes, oboe, bassoon, clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophone (alto, tenor and bari), french horn, trumpet, trombone, euphonium, tuba, percussion (snare drum, bass drum, cymbals, timpani, mallet instruments and more), bass guitar (jazz only), guitar (jazz only), drum set (jazz only) and piano (jazz only). 


Music Education

Learning an instrument is very rewarding yet challenging. Through music, students are provided with so many skill sets other than playing the instrument itself. The practice of music making provides structure for our students, something that most developing children need everyday. When students know that they are expected to show up on time, set up their instruments and be prepared to play, they find comfort in that kind of structure. Through music, students learn how to work together and communicate with one another. Students learn how to manage time whether it’s balancing music with school, or music with sports, school and other extracurricular activities. They learn the importance of communicating with trusted adults, teachers and coaches. Music can help students get through  difficult times inside or outside of school. Students learn the art of practicing, progress and skill. Music can give students an immediate sense of achievement or immediate feedback on how to improve. Music is a language (musical literacy) that helps students with tracking in reading and with math skills. Music is interdisciplinary. It connects with history, math, science, technology. Music encourages students to be leaders in their communities. 

Benefits of Program

The students that will directly benefit from this grant are the band students of Alder Creek Middle School. Specifically, the students that play the instruments included on the quote attached, will receive the highest benefit of being able to play on a new instrument. The students in the program that are already using school instruments will also benefit from the cohesion new instruments will bring to the band. Some instruments in the band program are well over 20 years old. While some instruments improve with age, student model instruments used by middle school students do not. The constant wear and tear require annual repairs for instruments that are designed to last for 10-15 years. Students playing on old instruments constantly battle mechanical issues associated with years of use as well as pitch and tone issues caused by numerous repairs and cleanings.

The band students at Alder Creek Middle School play music in class every single school day. They strive to become the best musician they can be. When they are playing on a quality instrument they can focus solely on their learning and growth as a musician. When they have to play on instruments that are in need of repair or are simply worn out, students find difficulty in focusing on what is most important because they are trying to make their instruments play or work. Many students have had to start on broken or old instruments making the learning process a challenge. Many students have had to wait for weeks for their instrument to be fixed, without replacement because there were no other options for them. With this grant, the band students receiving new instruments will be able to continue to grow through practice and performance, thus allowing all band students to reach new levels of musicianship. 


Success of Program

If awarded, this grant will allow me to supply my students at ACMS with quality, working instruments to use while furthering their music education. Avoiding high annual repair bills will allow for ACMS band resources to be spent in other areas such as new music, new supplies like reeds, oil, drum sticks, mallets, travel performance/educational opportunities, and instruments not covered by this grant. 

Success would mean the opportunity for equity within the ACMS music program. Many students’ families are in a position to rent new instruments from a local music shop, while some students’ families are at a socioeconomic disadvantage and cannot afford a monthly rental fee (upwards of $40 a month). With this grant, students at the socioeconomic disadvantage will have the opportunity to play on new instruments along with their classmates that can afford to rent a new instrument on their own. New instruments mean better sound, less repair, cheaper cleaning costs and more educational opportunities for more students. 



Students will be able to use these instruments immediately once the grant is implemented and instruments are purchased. There are several students playing on broken instruments that need to be repaired or fully replaced. I also have students that needed to rent instruments this year because we did not have any working instruments to offer. Students practice school owned instruments every day during the week inside and outside of the classroom. Therefore, these instruments will be used on a daily basis. 

As we move into the next school year, a portion of the incoming 6th grade students will be joining band. I would like to be able to offer my 6th grade band students  a variety of instruments that are in good playing condition. If awarded this grant, I will be able to provide more opportunities for all band students.

My goal overtime, is to be able to provide every band student with a quality working instrument so that they feel that they can reach their maximum potential in music without having to spend money on a rental instrument, or a real instrument until they are ready  to make that investment. 

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

Mr. Steele and I share instruments often based on numbers and instrumentation in our band classes. We are in agreement that if an instrument that is shared is broken or needs repair, we are responsible for paying for it.


If awarded this grant, the instruments purchased should last 10 - 15 years based on use and wear and tear. The instruments will be cared for, cleaned and taken to the repair shop if they are broken. In future years, there may be other instruments (in different categories) that need to be replaced or purchased. The items on the quote reflect only a small portion of instruments that are needed in the ACMS Band Program.
Amount Funded
Individual Budget Items(s)
$460 - 4 Buffet Clarinets
$925 - 4 Jupiter Alto Saxophones
$1285 - 2 Jupiter Tenor Saxophones
$390 - 4 Jupiter Flutes
$3801 - 1 Jupiter Baritone Saxophone
$2810 - 2 Jupiter French Horns
$900 - 1 Majestic Concert Snare Drum
$500 - 1 Rocket Bass Amplifier
$599 - 1 KB 4 Keyboard Amplifier
$389 - 1 Rhythm Tech Set of Bongos
$56 - 2 Pair of Vibraphone Mallets
Other funding sources

I have spoken to my Principal about this grant. There are no other funds available at this time to purchase the amount of instruments that are needed in the ACMS Band Program. 

File Uploads

I will be working with a local Music Shop in Reno, Nevada called Blue Note B's Horn Shop. This shop works on all of my instrument repairs throughout the school year. They have provided a quote of the instruments listed in the Budget Portion of the application. They will not be charging for shipping.