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Trent Kirschner
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The Career Technical Education (CTE) Emergency Response pathway I teach consists of firefighting and emergency medicine physical skills and academic knowledge. As part of the CTE curriculum the students earn industry certificates. As part of the emergency medicine unit my student earn First Aid and CPR/AED certificates. Choking management is an important part of earning these industry certificates. Truly simulating a choking scenario is very difficult. The anti choking trainers will allow the students to get as close to real life choking experience as possible. I have personally used the Act Fast Anti Choking Trainers in my Emergency Medical Technician training and when I teach First Aid and CPR/AED with Truckee Fire.  

Benefits of Program

The Act Fast Anti Choking Trainer will greatly enhance the emergency medicine unit. The trainer allows student to perform the abdominal thrust maneuver as indicated in the American Heart Association choking rescue protocol, allowing the students to earn First Aid and CPR/AED certificates.

Success of Program

The CTE Emergency Response pathway is only in its second year. Last year I had one senior take my class and he became a CTE program completer. To become a CTE program completer the student will need to take and pass my class then take and pass a class at Sierra College in Fire Technology, Health Science or Administration of Justice. Not only did my senior become a CTE program completer he also graduated from the Butte Fire Academy last December! Currently 100% of my graduating seniors are program completers and fire academy graduates.

This year I have five seniors in the program. Four out of the five are currently enrolled in Sierra College's Health Science Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) class. I am hopeful these four EMR students will become program completers and earn a Nationally Recognized Emergency Medical Responder (NREMR) certificate. The fifth senior is already a program completer, he took an Administrative of Justice class at Sierra College. Currently I am on track to maintain 100% of my graduating seniors being program completers.

The Fast Act Anti Choking Trainer will greatly enhance the emergency medicine unit supporting my students knowledge and understanding of emergency medicine and better prepare them for the EMR class if they choose to take that class.


The Fast Act Anti Choking Trainer will be used as part of our industry certifications, supporting emergency medicine. Specifically the trainer will be used to teach and simulate the abdominal thrust maneuver outlined by the American Heart Association as part of the choking rescue protocol.

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

I am the only teacher teaching the Emergency Response class. However, I am looking into teaching and certifying my science students in First Aid and CPR/AED, which will allow me to use the anti choking trainers in my science program.

The Fast Act Ani Choking Trainers will last ten year or longer.
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$429 - Act Fast Anti Choking Trainer Instructor Pack 4 Trainers
$0 - Act Fast Reusable Foam Plugs
Budget Notes

The Act Fast LLC quotation includes free foam replacement plugs a $10 value, an education discount a $42.90 value, free shipping and no tax. $386.10 is a great price for the $429.00 trainers.

Other funding sources

Currently I am not receiving any CTE funding for my program because I only hold a temporary CTE teaching certificate from Placer County Office of Education while my certificate is being processed by the California Commision of Teacher Credentialing.

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