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Jamie Schwartz
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Several years ago, Excellence in Education funded a grant for CD players for listening centers. Listening to fluent reading is one of the main components of Daily 5, which is part of our district wide literacy program. Listening to fluent reading not only models fluency, but allows students to access reading at the upper end of their zone of proximal development, a best practice in teaching reading. This grant is to purchase some audio CD's for text book sets that we already own for a new  teacher's classroom. 

While some may think CD players are out of date, they in fact provide a very efficient way for young students to access audio books. While it is true that we have other options, these options are imbedded in online programs that require the use of a internet accessing device and a sign-in to an account. The steps of signing in can be arduous for primary students and also wastes a lot of time. CD players on the other hand, are very efficient and fast to use. Most importantly, young students can use them independently. This also frees up the internet accessing devices available in a classroom for other technology based activities. CD players also do not provide other distractions or activities, simply straight forward listening. 

Benefits of Program (10 points)

As mentioned in the grant description, listening to reading is a main component of our literacy program, Daily 5. Listening to fluent reading not only builds word recognition, vocabulary, and fluency, but also enhances comprehension by allowing students to access reading material at the upper end of their abilities.  This is the zone of proximal development where reading growth and advancement happens. 

Listening centers also create independence among young scholars and readers. 

Success of Program (10 points)

Since the listening center is one component of a varied and research based literacy program, it will be evaluated as part of the whole program. Our literacy program is evaluated mainly through Fountas and Pinnel individual reading evaluations. These evaluations track individual reading growth of a student, and thus the program as a whole. 

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Listening centers are implemented as part of the Daily 5 program. This program occurs in the classroom on a daily basis during the literacy instruction block.

This grant is for the 1 time purchase of audio books on CD. It will not need continued funding.
Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

Audio book material can be shared across the grade level. 

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$125 - Audio Book CDs
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Other funding sources are not available. 


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