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Jesse Steele / TEMPO (Truckee Excellence in Music Parents Organization)
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     The Truckee HS Band program is growing every year.  This school year we have 73 total students, compared to approximately 40 students when Mr. Steele arrived in 2014.  The band needs to continue to augment its instrument inventory to support the growing number of students.  Many instruments, such as flutes, clarinets, trumpets, etc. can be purchased with the department's annual Measure AA budget.  However, the cost of other essential band instruments, such as the tuba, bassoon, baritone saxophone, piano, vibraphone, etc. far exceed the available annual budget provided by Measure AA.  Therefore, we must rely on other sources, such as grants and donations. 

     The school currently owns 2 baritone saxophones, one of which is in great shape and the other is showing its wear and tear from years of student use.  This year, an incoming Freshman student who had played baritone saxophone in middle school, requested to use one of the Truckee HS owned baritone saxophones but they were both already checked out to other high school students.  Therefore, this student was unable to continue playing the instrument that he had been playing for the past several years, and had to pick a new instrument (tenor saxophone), to his disappointment.  The objective of this grant, is to ensure that the Truckee HS band program has an additional baritone saxophone in its inventory so students, like the one mentioned above, can continue to play the instrument they have been playing since middle school.  Adding a baritone saxophone to the instrument inventory is an essential action that will help continue to put instruments in the hands of students in our ever growing music program.

Benefits of Program

If this grant is awarded to us it will directly benefit the student, described above, get a baritone saxophone into his hands next year.  Each year a student will be able to play this instrument, and it will allow our department to have three students play the baritone saxophone in the same academic school year, instead of just two.  A new baritone saxophone, if properly treated and maintained, should last a minimum of 20-30 years.  Therefore, if awarded, this grant will positively impact approximately 20-30 students over the next several decades.

Success of Program

I would define this grant application as a success, if I am able to get a baritone saxophone into the hands of said student (above) for the 2020-2021 school year.  The smile on the face of the student, the beautifully rich low resonant sounds of this instrument emanating throughout the band, and the inspired progress made by the student would be other strong indicators of success.


The instrument would be cataloged into our inventory and checked out to the student, ideally, as soon as Fall 2020.  If the timing works out, we should see him playing it during band camp in late August, and then on the field for football games with the Marching Band in September.

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

Physically sharing this instrument with my grade level or subject team is not necessarily pragmatic, but I'd like to think they will enjoy the beautiful sounds the student is able to create with it, while attending football games or our concerts.  In a pinch, there is potential for other school site band programs to use it if there is not a student in need at THS, and if there are student needs at other sites.

This grant will be fully sustainable for approximately 20-30 years if properly treated and well maintained. We regularly bring instruments to the horn shop to receive adjustment and repair. We also teach students how to properly care for and maintain the instruments that are in their hands. We will not need additional funding to maintain this instrument, as Measure AA funds provide an adequate annual repair and maintenance budget.
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$4777 - Yamaha YBS-52 Intermediate Baritone Saxophone Regular
Other funding sources

There is potential for TEMPO (THS band booster group) and/or Measure AA to supplement the cost of this instrument.

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The retail cost of this instrument is $5,693.  The vendor, Woodwind Brasswind, provided us a quote with academic pricing at $4,777 (excluding tax), so relatively speaking it is a good purchase price for an instrument of this caliber.  Cheaper instrument options are available but to opt for a lesser quality instrument means much more longterm cost for repair and maintenance, and a shorter life span.  Yamaha instruments are ruggedly build and stand up well over time when in the hands of students.  Over time, it is worth the investment.