Building Connections Through Literacy (Audio Books)

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Gladiz de la Torre
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In order to promote rich literacy experiences for our students, it is imperative that they have access to quality high caliber texts in the target language. The Books on CD are rich culturally sensitive language books that will be sent home weekly on a rotating basis. Through the books on CD children will have exposure to new genres, new vocabulary, access to a read- aloud models and good interpretive reading. The books on CD will be a connecting bridge on important topics of discussion for families and their children. More importantly, having access to books on CD at home, will enrich the literary life for all of our students regardless of their economic background. The two Kindergarten teachers at the site are currently implementing this rotation through our EEF Green bags every Friday.

Benefits of Program (10 points)

Having access to books at home is closely linked to academic achievement. Our school is widely diverse in regards to socioeconomic status. Children in low-income families have access to fewer reading materials than children of middle- and upper-income families. The program at KBE, EEF Green bags addresses this reality and need for all families. Recent studies suggest that, the greatest impact of book access occurs among the least educated and poorest families. The implementation of rotating weekly Books on CD will ensure that all students have access to high quality texts in their homes. The benefit of audio books at home are; increased vocabulary, rich language experiences, exposure to new ideas and topics, language patterns, advanced constructs and overall exposure to language.


Success of Program (10 points)

The program has been in place at KBE for many years now. Students have more access to texts in the target/ native language at home. The goal is to have rich language exposures for children outside of the classroom. This is measured through informal read-aloud discussions, individual conversations and teacher led literary topics.

Implementation (10 points)

All materials will be labeled as EEF funding and KBE property. There will be an A-Z sytem labeling of each book. The classroom teacher will make duplicate copies of each CD. For the books that do not have an accompanying CD, the teacher will create her own. After all CD’s are properly labeled, parents will sign a waiver agreeing to properly care for each book and CD when sent home; and possibly replacing the book if necessary. The books will be placed in each child’s green bag every Friday and rotated weekly. Depending on the child’s need, they will receive books in the target language, native language or both.

Yes, the implementation of the Books on CD is fully sustainable. There will be no additional funding requested in the future. The classroom teacher will store the original audio and create a duplicate CD. The replacement of lost or damaged books will be through donations from classroom parents or future PACE or Measure A money when needed.

Can you share this grant with your grade level or subject team?

Yes, the books on CD can be shared with my team members. The primary storage will be in one teacher’s classroom and be considered a set. However, if needed other K teachers may check out. Both of the other K teachers already have books on CD that they rotate on a weekly basis.

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$689 - Scholastic Book Order
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Through the Scholastic teacher store shipping is free and the taxes are included in the book price. 

Other funding sources

There are no other funding resources. Although PACE and Measure A provide each classroom teacher with a total of $500, as a new teacher to KBE, I have spent my allotted amount already on classroom materials and supplies.



This year, I am a new kindergarten teacher at KBE. The funding of this grant will contribute to creating a classroom to home connection; as my peers have.